Science Experiment - Making our own toffee apples

As soon as Autumn kicks in the kiddies expect the shops to be brimming with toffee apples. They lookout for them everytime we're out. To their disappointment there aren't any available just yet so we've decided to try making them ourselves! How hard can it be!! :)

What you'll need:

4 apples
200g golden caster sugar
half teaspoon vinegar
2 tablespoons golden syrup
50ml of water
lolly sticks


1) Cover the apples with boiling water for a few minutes to remove their waxiness as the sugar syrup will stick better. Then dry them, remove stalks, push in the sticks and place on baking parchment.

2) Add the sugar and 50ml of water to a pan. Stir until the sugar dissolves and then add the vinegar and golden syrup.

3) Heat until boiling (146C if you have a thermometer) if not, boil on full heat until the froth disappears and the syrup becomes a clear, boiling liquid. Drop a small amount of the syrup into cold water and it should harden straight away. That's when you know it's ready!

4) Pour over the apples and leave to harden. Careful!!! it's scorching hot!!


And for the science:-

This activity has taught the kiddies all about reversible changes. From solid to liquid and back again.

Substances can change from one state to another by different processes.

Solid to Liquid = melting

Liquid to Gas = Evaporating

Gas to Liquid = Condensing

Liquid to Solid = Cooling/Freezing

They learnt some of these processes in the making of the toffee apples :)

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