Home Ed Q&A with Umm Nusaybah

Jazakillahkhair to Umm Nusaybah for taking part in my Chai Chat! Have a lovely read, and be sure to check out her fantastic Blog, Facebook and Instagram, details below!

When and why did you decide to Home Educate?

I decided I wanted to Home educate even before becoming a mother. I always knew it would be something I would strongly consider. I have always been an avid reader, so read a lot around the education, and UK school system and its flaws. 

 The main reason would be to get away from the rigid structure, curriculums that are offered by schools, and the excessive focus on testing and memorization. Children need freedom to play, move and explore. Every child has a their own learning style and I find school can take creativity away from children forcing them to fit into a box, and into one style of learning. I have many members of my family who are working within the teaching field, who have agreed with my concerns which further, validated my decision.
Our children are an amaanah from Allah, it is our duty to nurture education and protect them. For me personally this is the best way I feel I can carry out this duty.
As parents, we all do what is best for our children. Home-schooling is a lifestyle choice it may not the be best option for everyone but it works brilliantly for our family :)

What kind of approach do you take?

We take a very child-led, interest led approach. My planning for our activities revolves around what N would enjoy and likes to learn about. If this changes every few minutes (which it usually does lol) I follow her lead.

Where do the children do most of their work, and do they distract one another?

 My children are still very young so there is lots of noise, screaming, distracting and squabbling going on, usually because the baby is stealing all the maths manipulative and running away lol

A lot of our learning happens outdoors, as a family we love nature and exploring our local woods! Aside from that learning happens everywhere in our home in the tuff tray, on the floor, table, my bed, the hallway, absolutely everywhere!

What is your favourite thing about Home education?

My favourite thing has to be the flexibility that home education provides and the opportunity for learning 24 hours of the day. When I say flexibility I mean choices ranging from What time shall we start our learning, shall we take a trip to the museum? and some days just completing ditching all the planned activities and heading off into the woods!

How do you react to people asking about socialization, do you children easily socialise and work well with others?

I have no problem explaining to those that ask about socialization, in fact those that know very little about the home schooling world I don’t blame them for being curious and wondering how it works!

I find that home-educated children are the most socialised of mini humans around, as they interact with not only their immediate peers, with children and adults of all ages. Connecting and meeting with people of different walks of life.

How do you in cooperate Physical Education into your Home ed days?

Every day we visit our local park, and head out to our local woods once a week. Aside from that Nusaybah does swimming and gymnastics.

Do you spend a lot of money on resources?

Upon starting home schooling I bought everything and anything that I laid my eyes on! I have now learnt from experience and calmed down, and try to make use of free sources and particularly the library.
I have recently written a blog post on how to Homeschool on the cheap. You can read it here.
How do you make time for yourself?

In all honestly my babies are super young, so making time for myself can be difficult, even with a very hands on husband. Allahumma baarik lahu. I try and grab pockets of time to make time for myself and practice lots of self-care
I have written a blog post with tips regarding making time for you and self- care. You can read it here
Advice for someone starting their home ed journey

Home education is a lifestyle, a lifelong journey. You do not have to try and replicate school in your home. Have fun, relax and enjoy it. Every child learns at their own pace, and flourishes within their own time. Please don’t force or rush them, and never compare yourself or your children to others.
Connect with other homeschooling families. Homeschoolers are the friendliest bunch of people you’ll learn a lot from other people’s experiences, and make some lovely mummy friends along the way :) 
Lastly, remember this is YOUR Homeschool. If you want to spend an entire day playing with jigsaws, puzzles and doing maths games. DO IT. The flexibility and freedom is part of the lifelong adventure!

Umm Nusaybah 

INSTAGRAM: @nurturingnusaybah 

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