Art Workshop - Paper Pulp

DS11 and DS8 had a great time in the local Art Gallery today. They learnt all about the process of making paper pulp and made their own work of Art.

They began by looking around the new exhibition by local Artist, David Hockney, and taking inspiration from his work. They viewed paintings and listened, using headphones, to Hockney talk about his work.




With a pencil and clipboard in hand they walked around and sketched anything that captured their interest.

After sketching their design they headed back to the art room. They chose a colour for their first layer of paper pulp and added some to their material, flattening and shaping it out.



They then slowly added layer upon layer of paper pulp, choosing different colours for each layer and following the design from their sketch. In between each layer they used paper towels to press the design down and remove excess water.

Here are the finished pieces, which now need to dry out!

The ladies kindly showed us how to make the paper pulp which can easily be made at home using a blender! Here are the pics!

1) Shred up different coloured paper and allow to soak for a few hours in hot water. By doing so it will be easily to blend.

2) Add to a blender with some water.

3) Pour out the pulp onto some material, and wring out the water.

4) Add some glue and mix. 

Have fun making this paper pulp art!!!!!

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