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50 things to do before you're 11 3/4

From climbing trees to jumping over waves, check out these 50 things for the kids to do before they're 11 3/4. Anyone following this list?

Download the free app and tick them off along the way!

We're checking out the 50 things to do when it's raining seen as though it's been pouring down for most of the day!!!

Home Ed Q&A with Umm Nusaybah

Jazakillahkhair to Umm Nusaybah for taking part in my Chai Chat! Have a lovely read, and be sure to check out her fantastic Blog, Facebook and Instagram, details below!

 When and why did you decide to Home Educate?

I decided I wanted to Home educate even before becoming a mother. I always knew it would be something I would strongly consider. I have always been an avid reader, so read a lot around the education, and UK school system and its flaws. 
 The main reason would be to get away from the rigid structure, curriculums that are offered by schools, and the excessive focus on testing and memorization. Children need freedom to play, move and explore. Every child has a their own learning style and I find school can take creativity away from children forcing them to fit into a box, and into one style of learning. I have many members of my family who are working within the teaching field, who have agreed with my concerns which further, validated my decision. Our children are an amaanah…

Toucan Box Review

I love getting out the glue and glitter to make different crafts with little ones, but now that I have five kiddies it's harder to keep the craft draw full, so we are trying out Toucan box which is an Arts and Craft subscription service which delivers a lovely, personalised craft box straight to your door! Keeping up with creative kids can be difficult not only going out to buy all the resources but to think up ideas and tie them in with other projects! With all the hype lately about subscription boxes I really wanted to try this one out!

DS5 was so excited to receive his box with his name printed on the front, the perfect activity for a wet Autumn morning! He eagerly opened his box and found he was going to make his very own Calabash! The Calabash is a gourd grown on a vine. It is harvested, hollowed out and dried in the sun. It was traditionally used as a bowl to store water. I was so excited to see that he was learning some History, Maths, Geography etc. along with his craft! …

Home Ed Q&A with okiehomeschool

Many thanks to okiehomeschool for taking part in my Chai Chat, what a lovely read :)

When and why did you decide to Home Educate?
When my daughter was in Kindergarten 5 years ago we noticed she was having difficulties learning.  She had a diagnosis of ADHD already but I thought it she also had dyslexia (These often go hand in hand).  The school doesn't recognize dyslexia so after a lot of heartache dealing with the school ignoring her problem we took her out of school to home educate.  While we did feel forced into the situation and I was hesitant to homeschool, I'm very glad we went down this path.  We did get her tested for dyslexia later and she does have it.  After that we adopted 3 older children and I wanted more time with them because we missed out on those first years of their lives so we did homeschooling and spent time learning and bonding.  
What kind of approach do you take? With my daughter we take a very slow and steady approach to accommodate her needs.  With the ot…

Home Ed Q&A with Rachael

Grab your cuppa and have a read of the next Chai Chat with Rachael from oddsandtodds on Instagram.

Many thanks Rachael for getting involved and taking the time to answer my questions, I loved reading them!

Hi, my name is Rachael! Please follow me on Instagram: oddsandtodds and on my blog:

When and why did you decide to Home Educate?
We decided to Home Educate when our oldest was 2 years old. My husband had just graduated in primary teaching and just decided primary schools were not what he wanted for his kids. We chatted about it at great length, but the positives outweighed the negatives by a mile. What kind of approach do you take? Our oldest is still early years foundation stage! But she's quite keen to do structured activities, so we just do a huge mix of things. Our main aim is to stop when she's bored or had enough, let her choose her work area and to learn as we live. So that's reading shop signs, counting money etc.
Where do the child…

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Autumn Leaf crowns!

After a rainy start to the day, it brightened up a bit for us to take a little walk along the street to collect some leaves for our Autumn crowns. DD3 was amazed to watch the leaves floating to the ground, and loved waking through them but only seemed to want to collect all the wet, muddy ones! :) Here's what she finally made and a link for the Nature Detective activity!

Home Ed Q&A with Umm Rayyaan!

Today's Chai Chat is with Umm Rayyaan, so grab a cuppa and happy reading!

When and why did you decide to Home Educate?
With regards to when we started homeschooling I would say we are quite early starters. I started ‘teaching’ Rayyaan from when he was around 1.5-2 years old. I use the term teaching loosely as it was never formal and always done through lots of fun games and play. However his learning journey started from there (Arabic/English alphabet, numbers, shapes, colours) alhamdulilaah. The question as to why I decided to homeschool is one I get asked quite often and to be honest there are so many but I will mention a few of the main reasons we decided to go down this route.

This was something my husband and I had discussed before we even had Rayyaan and knew straight away it is something we would like to do in shaa Allaah. Having a child is huge responsibility and an even bigger amanah (trust) from Allaah ta’ala and we wanted to make sure we did everything we could to nurture…