Welly Wander

It's pouring down today but that didn't stop DS5 getting togged up in coat and boots (although he decided to put his pumps on as they have pandas on the side!)

He jumped in puddles and waded through the mud looking for snails and slugs around the bug homes in the garden. He had great fun investigating which creatures are visiting our garden once the rain starts to fall, and got time out in the fresh air for his much needed exercise.

Many parents worry about children playing out when it's cold and damp and think they're much more likely to catch a cold forgetting you can actually catch a cold if you're sat in a warm room with others who are ill. So long as they have the appropriate clothing, a healthy diet and exercise routine then your child's immune system will become strong enough to withstand all types of weather.

If your kiddies prefer to stay inside why not make some rainy day art. Let them paint patterns on paper and then peg outside to see how the rain transforms their work of art!

What do your kids enjoy to do on rainy days?


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