Story Starters

People have been asking me lately about lesson planning and I always remind them that we don't try to make it 'school at home' so I don't bog myself down with lots of paper work and lesson planning. My friends who are teachers themselves have even told me not to bother!
As they are my own children, not a class of 30+ children I don't know, so I know where they are at and what they are going to be moving onto.
I also follow their interests and start projects when different topics arise, such as when volcanos erupt around the world or there is a solar eclipse. These spark their interest and we cover their subjects around the topic as well as doing craft activities or planning a visit somewhere.

I do now and again dip into the Scholastic lesson plans which I have for the core subjects (English, Maths & Science) for years 1-6 (I've added link through Amazon on this blog). I also recommend the Hamilton Trust website if you are looking for lesson plans.

Do you use lesson plans, make your own or not bother at all?

Today we are using the Scholastic Story Starters to help DS5 with his creative story writing. Using interactives like this really encourage him to write as it makes it much more fun!


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