Reading Eggs & Maths Seeds

My biggest worry when I started Home Educating was 'How am I going to teach her to read?' I thought if I can teach her to read then everything else will become easier as she can then learn anything she wants by picking up books and from the world around her.

I first taught her all the alphabet sounds and she quickly progressed onto CVC words, sounding them out quickly. (I have made a post about reading if you would like to check it out)

With DS11 and DS8 they both started to read around 3 years old too but with DS5 he wasn't as interested and seemed to need a different approach when it came to learning to read.

I thought I would try Reading Eggs online which is aimed at 3-13 year olds. It has been an excellent reading tool for him and he started to progress quickly as he became so engrossed in collecting eggs to crack open along his reading journey. Reading Eggs gives each child a simple placement test to ensure they start at a suitable level. It kept him engaged and made it so interesting that he doesn't realise he is learning as he's having so much fun along the way. When Maths Seeds became available I hoped it was as good and it really is! He loves Maths Seeds just as much collecting acorns as he takes part in the games and activities. He is now excelling in both his reading and Maths.

I would recommend giving Reading Eggs a go by trying out the free trial (link on the right, or below in mobile version) there are also some nice Eggy apps available too!!! ;)


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