Our Home Ed week

Hope everyone has had a great Home Ed week!! We have been busy with our usual subjects and workbooks in the mornings but we've also been making the most of the summer events this month.

Today we visited Cartwright Hall to explore the multi-sensory Art installation, designed by Artist Sarah Jane Palmer, and take part in the activities. The boys even posed for photographs for the local newspaper.

During the week DD3 made her own artwork with coloured salt, which
 is easier to make than I thought! Just rub chalk into salt and it's ready to play with!!!

At this week's Home Ed library meet there were monkey door hangers to decorate, Lego to play with and a Monkey Quiz in the main part of the library for the older ones. They worked as a team to answer all the questions and follow the clues around the library.

DD3 had a go at making her own tie-dye Art with baby wipes! Nice, simple activity for her but the end results were fab!!

The kiddies watched 'The Miracle Worker' the story of Helen Keller which they have watched a few times and are always amazed by this true story.

 The boys made some shape poems using their hands. These poetry workbooks are by Schofield & Sims.


DS8 had cricket training for a couple of hours at the weekend so DS11 had a spelling test whilst we sat in the sports centre.

We then did a spot of blackberry picking on the way home.


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