July's Library Book Reviews

Even though we have our own small family library at home in our living room we pop into our local library to borrow books a few times a week. The children love to choose their own books and also use the library catalogue online to reserve the latest titles. Every month they will post one of their favourite picks along with a short book review :)

Who's Hiding? by Agnese Baruzzi

This is a lovely, colourful 'Hide and Seek' style nature book. DD3 tried to guess who is hiding then folded back the page to find out! She could easily fold back the pages, without ripping them out like flap books, as she transformed the scene on each page to see who was hiding. Young children will love the surprise on each page.

Will you help Doug find his dog? by Jane Caston

'Doug has lost his dog and I had to help find it by patting, tickling and calling it when Doug gave me a clue. I liked trying to find out which dog was the right one and why he went missing. I think all children will like this book.' review by DS5.

Hairy Hamster Horror by Tim Collins
'This book was about Harry and his friend who has a bin but it's no ordinary bin, it's a space bin! It can take you anywhere and bring you back two minutes later so you don't get into trouble.
One day they had just returned from school with the class's pet hamster to look after but the hamster was so boring because he doesn't do anything apart from sitting in his cage. One day Harry suggests going to see hamsters who do cool things!!!!
You should read this book because it's so exciting I wanted to read it until the end one night at bedtime. I give it 4 out of 5 stars!' review by DS8.
Creature Teacher - Out to Win by Sam Watkins
'When the teacher turns into a creature in this book it causes absolute mayhem! The children are having a school football match and the parents are there to watch!!! How will they hide their creature teacher??? Will locking him in the bathroom solve all their problems??
This was actually my 8 year old brother's reading book which I accidentally ended up reading! After reading the blurb I just had to find out what happens. My favourite part was when they dressed in banana costumes so they could find their teacher. I rate this book 6/10 and would recommend it for children ages 7-9 years old.' review by DS11
Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll
'This book is about a girl called Olive, older sister Suki and little brother Cliff. Her sister has very strong views of people's rights and ends up joining an organisation as a spy to help refugees around the world but this could land her in a lot of trouble. In the midst of the war Suki goes missing and her siblings have to be evacuated, moving around from place to place as no one accepts them and they end up staying in a lighthouse. But the man who owns the lighthouse stays hidden away writing letters in the basement. Who is he writing to? Will they see their sister again?
Although this isn't my favourite genre I found this book gripping and it made me feel like I was there at the time of the war. There were sad moments as well as happier times.  I would recommend this book for girls aged 11+ as a quick bedtime read.' review by DD13.
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