Insectlore - Butterfly Garden

We bought the Insectlore Butterfly garden a few years ago and since then we have used it for our caterpillars which we have purchased each year as the net itself can be reused. The children enjoy looking after their new 'pets' and check them regularly. We leave the clear tub, which the caterpillars arrive in, in the middle of our kitchen table whilst the children are doing their learning so they can keep an eye on the caterpillars' antics.
They are very easy to look after as their food is in the clear tub and you do not need to remove them until they have formed their chrysalides. They then need to be transferred into the Butterfly Garden net. Once they have become butterflies the children add a dish sugar solution and lots of chopped fruit. The butterflies can be observed for about a week until their wings have strengthened and then set free in your own garden.
I think it's a lovely life cycle for the children to follow and understand how metamorphosis works. We print out life cycle worksheets, write poems and make butterfly crafts.
For more information or to purchase the Butterfly Garden at a cheap price please see the link on the right (below if you're reading on the mobile version) through the Amazon website.


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