Flight testing our helicopter seeds!

We love taking our science lessons outdoors, there are so many science experiments just waiting for the kiddies as they head outside to explore. Your local park or woods is most likely brimming with fruit and seeds at this time of year and if your kids are anything like mine they are just itching to get out there with buckets and bags to start collecting things (we end up with bags and bags of conkers lol) !! so why not try out this simple experiment. Take this fun sheet along with you to tick off the berries and keys you spot!!


1) Choose some dry helicopter seeds such as maple or sycamore seeds.

2) Choose a big one and a small one and guess which will hit the ground first.

3) Stand somewhere high up (e.g. bench, tree stump, rock) then drop the seeds with the wings pointing downwards. The seed to hit the ground first is the winner!

4) Try it a few times, and with several different pairs, before you come to a conclusion about which size seed is the best flyer. Was your first guess right?

5) This is how some trees spread their seeds to make new trees. Can you think of some other ways plants use to spread their seeds?




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