The Role of the Home Ed Dad

I read an interesting post from 'mommasdesk' on Instagram this week which made me think about the role of the Home Ed dad. I posed the question 'What role does the Home Ed dad play on your Home Ed journey?' to my Home Ed friends, and got some interesting feedback, from Home Ed Dads who work but help with planning and taking their families on trips to Dads who share the Home ed and work part time allowing the Mum to work too.

When I inform people we Home Educate some people seem to think that it's the Mum who takes on the whole responsibility of the Home Ed journey.

So what role does the Dad play?

If he's out at work all week does this mean he is not playing a part?

What about single mums. How do they cope?

Some families share the teaching. Mum teaches the subjects she is strong in whilst Dad teaches other areas. Some families have parents who each work part time and therefore can easily split educating the children that way. Some families, however, Dad is out all week working but they still share the planning and he gets involved as much as can when he is with his children. The single mums I have spoken to say Dad still gets involved as much as he can with his child's education which is great.

For us Home Ed is normal family life and I don't really think the children are learning between set hours but they are constantly learning whether it's with myself as I'm teaching them verbs and adverbs on a Monday morning or whether they are walking through the woods discussing trees with their Dad on a Sunday afternoon.

Over the years I have taken on teaching the core subjects and planning outings and trips. I'm the sort of person who loves planning and organising anyway so I'm happy to do that whilst hubby works various shifts at the local hospital, which is great as the days he is at home he loves to get involved taking them out and about photographing wildlife, helping with reading and times tables practise, giving them art & geometry lessons, as well as teaching them languages, etc. We have fallen into a nice routine and they continue to thrive. But what is really great is the fact that they seem to listen more with their Dad and he has his own way of  'teaching' them with his fun 'hands on' approach.

I think Dad's play an amazing part in Home ed, they are the solid structure even if he's not seen to be actually sitting down to 'teach' his children but he supports his family financially which allows Mum to Home educate. When he's not at work he can still take an active role in his child's education in ways that we can't.

Since joining the Home Ed family on Instagram I have come across so many different families from Mum's fitting Home ed around their careers, Home Ed single mums, and even Home Ed dads some of which are single too.

Would love to read your comments so please share your thoughts........


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