Shapes & shadows in Nature

This week we made many trips to the park to look for shapes and symmetry in nature. There are so many learning opportunities when out and about exploring. The children are learning so much and don't necessarily have to be 'taught'. Allowing them to explore their surroundings and discover new things is an amazing learning experience in itself. We regularly visit the local park with botanical gardens, water features and different rocks to explore and the woods with wildflowers to spot and berries to pick. We sometimes take along scavenger hunt, leaf ID and other spotter sheets.
'I collected lots of leaves and flowers for my Maths lesson in symmetry. I made these nature pictures. I had fun running around and looking at the different colourful flowers.' DS5

'I found a whole bagful of pine cones which my little sister used to paint with, then I chose some shells and rocks, took them out in the sun and drew their shadows.' DS11


'I enjoyed collecting leaves today using my Leaf Identification sheet. I cut them in half with my scissors and drew the other half of the leaf on paper.' DS5



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