Our Home Ed Week

We're now back in routine after the month of Ramadan and the kiddies have been covering their core subjects (English, Maths & Science) as well as their Arabic in the mornings Monday - Thursday.
Sadly we had to rearrange our Home Ed sports day due to the weather but hopefully will be next week.
DD13 has been great at self studying and getting on with her revision and past papers as well as her KS3 Sciences.
The boys started their new topic of graphs - Bar charts, Bar Line Graphs and drawing Equations on graphs. DS5 joined in by making his own Lego Bar Chart about what everyone's favourite sweets were. He also helped make some Flower Number Games to give him extra practice with addition and subtraction.
In English the boys worked on story writing with their Usborne Creative writing books and made Animal Quiz books, taking information from the Usborne Animal Cards. DS5 worked on his phonics through a topic on 'Bees' which he's been spotting throughout the week with words written on hexagonal shapes. We also joined the Summer Reading Challenge at the local library which we get involved in every year.
We attended the Library Home Ed meet where the children made Animal Masks week!
DS11 received his black stripe at Taekwondo class, he's worked so hard for this and has started helping to teach the white belts once a week.
DD2 has been happily playing floating/sinking activities in the garden, arts/crafts, flashcards, baking etc.
Hope your Home Ed week has gone well and you've all had fun!



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