'My thoughts on my Home Ed journey' by DD13

Home Ed life and how it has changed over the years

Home Ed life has changed over the years from new books, folders & stationery to moving house and more siblings. I have enjoyed it and wouldn't want it any other way. When I was younger typical Home Ed days were reading and some workbook study in the mornings and then outdoor activities, play groups and library time. Now that I am heading towards my IGCSE's I prefer to use the mornings for my study with free time in the afternoon and some revision in the evening. Having said that, my Mum doesn't worry if I miss a subject as I am able to organise my own workload now and always make sure I get each subject finished at some point during the day. This also frees time for my Mum to teach the younger ones. As well as my studies I have to listen to the younger ones read and often help them out with their learning as we use a 'buddy system'. I also fit sports, reading, blogging and other interests into my day as well as studying for awards, visiting places of interest, and I have just been for my first interview as I am working throughout the summer in my local library.

Which subjects have I chosen?

I am currently studying English Language, English Literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Art & Arabic. I enjoyed the Crest Award Bronze where I planned and carried out my own experiment.

I have also studied Geography (gained certificates in all three levels of The John Muir Award), History, Spanish (courses on Future Learn) & French but I have yet to decide whether I want to continue these or start something new.

I really enjoy Art and have been studying towards the Art Awards gaining qualifications for Discover, Explore & Bronze. I will be starting the Silver level soon.

I also enjoy sports especially Taebo and I a purple belt in Taekwondo.

What about socialisation?

I have made many friends over the years, some who are home educated and others who aren't. I have lots of time to socialise and meet up with friends. Now that I am starting my work experience placements it has been nice to meet different people of different ages too.

Would I have liked to attend school?

No, I think if I went to school life would be harder and I would have less time on my hands to do the activities I enjoy. Most of my school friends say they don't like school and that I am lucky that I don't have to go. They can never remember what they've learnt either and their comments put me off.

What's great about Home Ed?

Home Ed is great because it gives you a chance to explore and develop your own interests instead of liking certain things just to fit in with other children at school. Plus it is fun to work at home, free from teachers, and large, noisy classes. The safety of your own house is comforting and you can work better, not having been forced to go to school.

Where and when do I learn?

I like to learn Monday - Thursday but I do like doing my favourite subjects on weekends too with Friday as a day off. I prefer to learn outdoors, online or in my bedroom at my desk.

What about further education?

I have a plan and goals for which direction I want to take my education. Right now I a focusing on my IGCSE's, Arts Award and work experiences.

Would I recommend Home Ed?

I would recommend Home Education because you are free to choose what and how you learn which makes it easier for the kids and parents.


  1. SuperMuslimMummy30 July 2017 at 02:14

    AsalamuAlaykum, i pray your are well, Masha Allah this is a lovely post on your home.ed journey, i loved reading your account. Masha Allah. May Allah grant you success in the life and the here after Ameen

    1. Wa alaykumasalaam jazakillahkhair for the lovely comment. Ameen. X

  2. Asalaamu alaikum sis, was just going through your blog and came across this. Was such a lovely and refreshing read! As i'm just about to start my home schooling journey its always interesting to read and be aware of the child's perpective. Jazak'Allah for sharing. Sonia Moore :) x


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