Sunday, 30 July 2017

Dhul Hijjah & Hajj crafts & activities

Crafts & activity ideas for Dhul Hijjah/Hajj


Make a Lego Kabah

Sheep crafts -  fun for the little ones

Making Hajj mobiles using the following pack on Smart Ark:-


Making 3D Kabah

Finding the best Hajj deal - comparing prices (nice Maths activity for the older ones)

Learn the Months of Islam


Write a Hajj journal

Write a Hajj newspaper article

Make a Hajj test or board game

Make a Hajj acrostic poem

Advertise Hajj trips by making leaflets

Read or write Hajj stories


Make Hajj maps

Islamic Studies

Read the tafsir and memorise surah Hajj

Learn the Talbiya

Watch Hajj live

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