June's Library Book reviews

DD2 chose this toddler board book all about London, by Jane Fosters. It is a lovely, sturdy book she can look at herself with its colourful pictures and no flaps she can rip out! 

DD13 read this book The Unintentional Adventures of the Bland Sisters, by Kara LaReau. It's not a book she would've chosen but was one of many I had picked up from the library as part of their Summer Reading Challenge. She ended up reading it anyway! 
'This book is about twin sisters who have been orphaned and who do not care about excitement, they stick to their everyday routines and like it this way. Then one day they are tricked and captured by pirates, and are whisked off on an adventure to find the treasure that their parents owned. Will they ever learn that life doesn't stay the same? What is he treasure their parents have left behind? This book also deals with bullying when the sisters help someone stand up to the bullies. I would recommend this book for children 8+.' DD13

DS11 read Good Dog Bad Dog by Dave Shelton which is a comic book. He gets into these types of books really easily. 
'This book is about dog detectives who are looking for a criminals. But the criminals are either dressing up as lobsters or faking their own death to avoid being caught. This book is full of exciting moments and I would recommend it to all boys if they love a good, funny comic read.' DS11

'Dave's Rock' by Frann Preston-Gannon is funny and I was looking forward to reading it as I enjoyed the last book, 'Dave's Cave'. My favourite part was when Dave and Jon made new rocks and played a game together.' DS5

'Barking for Bagels' by Michael Rosen was brill, I always enjoy his books as they are always funny and easy to read. It is about a dog who runs away and starts eating bagels that his new owner makes. But he misses his old owners and runs away again to find them. Will he ever find them? Can he trust the foxes who show him the way? I give this book 9/10.' DS8

'We're going on a Bear Hunt' has always been a favourite story to read and we have seen different variations over the years, but this 'My Adventure Field Guide' is fab! It has lots of outdoor activities to get involved in from making your own wormery and cloud spotting to a recipe on baking your own apples with foraged blackberries. It's a great book for those who love exploring the outdoors, so head to your local library to borrow a copy or check it out in your bookstore.  


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