Our Outdoor Kitchen - learning through play with nature fun!

Children love to play and experiment but as they do so they are actually building and developing their social and cognitive skills as well as self worth, feeling good about what they have achieved.

I allow my children to explore the world around them up until they are ready to sit with workbooks - some of which start from as young as 3 years old. I find they learn much more by experimenting themselves and talking about their activities rather than trying to teach them something written in a workbook. This natural approach is much less stressful for myself and the kiddies and instils in them a love of learning much more easier.

Interesting free course with Open Learn here on parents teaching toddlers at home:


Even when they are ready for workbooks I still prepare lots of hands on practical activities like in my previous posts. Today we set up an outdoor kitchen to make mud pies, cut flowers & grass and mix everything they found with water. I provided the kiddies with a bowl of water, tubs, straws, plastic spoons and forks and let them explore however they wished bringing back memories of the activities I would do growing up, spending hours in the back garden making my own mud pies and perfume from petals!!!!


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