Islamic Curriculum

I have been using this curriculum for my children's Islamic Education for a few years now. They were quite pricey for the whole series but it has been a great investment. I have purchased grades 1 - 6. Each student book has an activity book to accompany it and a teacher's manual can also be purchased.

The topics are taught using a spiral approach where students learn a topic which is then later revisited and reinforced. There are five content areas:
1) Aqeedah
2) The Glorious Qur'an and it's sciences
3) Seerah
4) Ibaadaat
5) Morals & Manners

Each student book contains the text of the lesson followed by exercises and activities. The activity books have extra activities and ideas to carry out and further the child's understanding of that topic.

These books are brightly coloured on the inside too and are easy to read if your child wants to pick them up themselves to study.

Visit the website here


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