We have penpals!

Growing up I would have many great holidays in the UK and abroad making friends all over the world. But how did I keep in touch without social media? With good old letter writing of course! I had many Penpals over the years and not only did it help with my writing and language skills but it also taught me more about the world and to understand and respect how other cultures lived and of course patience! To be patient and wait for a reply unlike today where we can receive an email back in just a few minutes.

There are many Penpal programs out there for children but for us we write to old friends who have moved abroad, cousins in Canada and also some lovely families I've met through Instagram. The children have recently received a reply from their Penpals in Malaysia along with gifts, Malaysian snacks to try out and bilingual books. This has given them a great opportunity to learn and study the Country of Malaysia by finding as much information as they can, colouring the flag and starting their own project. Projects are a great way to tie subjects together such as Geography, Social Studies & Literacy.

The kiddies are currently writing to some new Penpals in Switzerland which they are discovering is very different from Malaysia which has sparked discussions about how different the countries are.

I would really recommend trying to get Penpals for your children as it really stirs up their curiosity about the world. They start to question how other people live, what they eat, what hobbies they have, etc.

Do your kiddies have Penpals? What benefits of having Penpals have you found? please leave your comments below or on Instagram x


  1. Homeschool.mum16 June 2017 at 03:46

    Brilliant! There are so many penpal websites, which one do you use?

    1. Hi there, We haven't really needed one as some Home Edders have asked me through Instagram and we also have friends that have moved abroad so I can't recommend any. Do you know of any good ones? many thanks

  2. Hi sis! Yes having penpals is a big opportunity for the kids to get to know about other countries, their culture, their language.As we in Malaysia, we are a multicultural country.My kids really enjoyed the letters & gifts from your kids! She asked so many questions about England.Sending love from Malaysia.xxx

  3. Nice to hear from you Mastura! We loved receiving letters & gifts from you all too xxxxx

  4. Thanks for the nice blog. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for.


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