Grabbing learning opportunities

Even though it's known as 'home education' we don't necessarily have to be at home, in fact most home edders are out and about most of the week. Unlike in school where they follow specific topics, which may take weeks, we try to grab any learning opportunities that arise which I couldn't possibly have planned. My boys visited the canal a few days ago and met a fishermen who told them all about different types of fish, this has now led to a new topic. So whether you're out near the beach (where you might want to discuss erosion) or out in the cricket field on an evening (my boys worked out the area of the field) there's always a chance to learn something ;)

Phonics at breakfast!

Found lots of wild garlic!!

Pond dipping!!

Measuring angles at the sports centre before taekwondo lesson!!

Carpet shop visit - turned into maths lesson on area and working out prices

Making a fence using measuring skills.

Found a woodlouse so investigating if it prefers light/dark or wet/dry habitat.

Shopping learning about prices and numbers.


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