Do classrooms need four walls?

Even though it's known as 'Home Education' we're rarely stuck indoors. There are many great outdoor activities to take your classroom outside.

Taking part in #30dayswild has shown that all subject areas can be covered in our own back gardens. We have been litter picking, reading stories, writing poems, counting flowers, drawing maps, identifying & logging wildlife, and much more!

When the weather is fine we often take our workbooks and make the most of the weather by home edding in the local park.

Outdoor learning can cover all subject areas such as poems & stories for Literacy, Flower venn diagrams & working out area for Maths, Traffic surveys for Geography, scavenger hunts for Science, as well as lots of opportunities for Sports & Art activities.
Here are a few of our outdoor adventures. Do you take your Home ed classroom outdoors? Please comment below and follow our journey on Instagram @ theworldistheirclassroom

There are also many outdoor surveys that you can also get involved in such as:-


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