Back to Home Ed after Ramadan....

The kiddies were ready to start back after their month off. Through Ramadan we focussed on their reading, Arabic, Islamic studies which involved writing, nature activities for #30dayswild as well as Maths revision but most of the time they did their own thing!

Now we are back and ready to start our Home Ed mornings along with all the summer activities that will be coming up! I thought we would take it easy this week though to ease back into things. Taekwondo and Cricket lessons will be resuming and we will be helping to make an Art display in the library.

They started their day writing about 'My Eid Day' for English as well as some Grammar revision. My eldest completed an Edexcel English Language practice paper.

In Maths DS5 revised his 2s, 5s, & 10 times tables along with a practical activity (see pic on Instagram). DS10 & DS8 continued their Maths book and started Multiples and LCM. DD13 revised her Edexcel Maths book and plans to go through the Higher parts again in the run up to exams.

We planned to melt chocolate outside with a magnifying glass for science as we have so many from Eid but the sun went in and DS10 decided to research about the Trans-Atlantic cable for History and DS5 looked at a page in the Scouts book about Food webs and identifying trees. DS8 taught himself to use scales on maps (see Instagram).

In the afternoon they read their Quran and learnt today's Arabic vocab.

DD2 coloured her books in the morning but seems to love getting her flashcards out now in both English & Arabic so I will need to add her learning time to out planner too!

So not too bad for our first day back. Hope everyone's Home Ed journey is going well and look forward any of you getting in touch.

DD13's desk this morning!

DS8 writing about his Eid Day

Scouts book that DS5 was looking at today!


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