Do our Home Ed days always go to plan?

I have learnt over the years not to plan their home ed days weeks in advance as things could change during that time and new topics of interest could arise but we always have those days when things just don't work out or myself/the children aren't feeling too well which is fine, and that's one of the many blessings of Home ed! Plus they are your own children so you don't need to bog yourself down with lots of lesson plans which they need in schools to keep track of the 30+  children in the class.
But in the early days this used to absolutely devastate me and I thought that surely they hadn't learnt a single thing that day and that they would've learnt so much more had they been in school.
I soon learnt to look back at the day's events and had to remind myself that this is not 'School at home' and things do not have to be set in stone. I also had to remind myself about the reason I started this journey in the first place which was to allow my children to have the time to do those subjects/activities that they enjoy and follow their own interests.
When I looked back at their day I soon realised they had learnt many things through their experiences and discussions, they didn't have to be necessarily sat with a pen and paper at the table and their classroom didn't have to have four walls!
So I've learnt to plan activities but I'm much more relaxed if they decide to do a project about the snail they've found on the garden path that morning or gone off to research how toothpaste is made. Sometimes news events spark a discussion, like when a volcano erupted in Iceland and they decided to make their own volcano, write diary entries about being there in Iceland and they also started a project on that country.
For the past couple of days the weather has suddenly changed and it's been raining here. As home Edders we can grab these learning opportunities and so they centred their learning around this theme.

Here are some pics of today's activities:-

Concrete (shape) poetry with the boys.

The little ones squirted paint onto their paper and left out in the rain. They loved seeing the results!!

Maymunah made a raindrop for the window.

Abdur-Rahmaan made his own rain gauge.


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