Today's Home Ed Day!

It's Thursday! End of their Home Ed week. They always seemed to be more relaxed and looking forward to Friday! The boys actually got up really early and were downstairs before me!
They started their Maths - Fractions, decimals & percentages in their workbooks. Eldest did some higher papers from her Maths books. Youngest played with today's activity I had left out for her. Then they did English - writing For & Against arguments for the question 'Should animals be kept in zoos?' whilst eldest annotated her anthology listening to notes from You Tube to help. They each had their Tajweed lesson online through Skype. The boys then started a science Investigation (see below) and the eldest worked through her KS3 Science workbook about circuits for revision. The boys then watched some Geography clips on BBC Bitesize before lunch. Then went to the Art Gallery for lots of lovely Art activities which was fun and surprisingly quiet!
Home for free time and listening to each other read. x

Went to an Art workshop - working towards Arts Awards

AR started a Science investigation - Do people with bigger heads have longer arms?
Planning his investigation, making a prediction, thinking about how many people to survey etc 

Started taking measurements from his siblings.

M has started her group 1 sounds and has learnt to recognise the letter S

Colouring outfits from around the world - this one is from Sweden

Eldest annotating the Ed excel anthology

Reading with the little ones

AS learning his tens and units (ones)
Learning about patterns

Maths activity for outdoors later today. The boys have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages this week.


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