Our Buddy System

In the early days of our Home Ed journey, when I only had 2 children, I had plenty of time to sit and read lots of books, set up craft activities, take them to toddler groups etc. So what happens when you have more children? Many home edders I have spoken to worry about this but really want more children. 
In my experience things have definitely changed but it's not particularly got any harder.
Whilst I am teaching the older ones, the little ones are getting on with activities I have left out on the table. I plan different educational activities everyday for them which keep them entertained. I can easily spend time with each child. But I always remember the early days and having so much time with the older ones especially reading lots of books to them and obviously I don't get that same amount of time anymore. So I introduced the Buddy System!!!

A buddy system is when each little one has an older buddy. So when I'm busy teaching one of them or cooking/cleaning etc. their 'buddy' will help out and listen to them read, read to them, play games with them etc. 

It seems to work for us and it helps them bond as siblings too ;)

Do you use a buddy system? leave a comment or contact me. Love hearing your stories x 


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