How do Home Educated children socialise?

This is something people always ask about....Lol... like it's impossible to Home ed because of this issue.

Firstly I believe Home Ed kids are exposed to more people from all walks of life than school kids. How? well, they are not sat in a class of around 30 kids all the same age and sometimes gender day in day out Monday - Friday. My children easily make friends with children any age, race, religion, Home educated or School kids. They also understand how to get along with older people, the elderly for example when attending Friday prayers.

Secondly they have more opportunities to socialise, they aren't sat at home working by themselves. There are many Home Ed get togethers, workshops (Art, Science, Writing) etc. They also get the opportunity to go on more trips and work experience. Like when they helped at the local charity shop, taking real money from real customers.

They also have many sports activities to attend. At the moment these are Taekwondo, Swimming & cricket.

Who says school is the only place where children socialise? In fact, when I was at school and I spoke to the child next to me in class, we were reminded by the teacher 'You aren't here to socialise you know!'

Also adults who work from home are never questioned on how they socialise so why is it different for Home Ed kids?

Please share your thoughts on this issue!


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