Early Writing Ideas

Someone asked me recently how to encourage young children to write so thought I would post some simple ideas.

Children develop writing skills at different rates and it usually follows the ability to read. As soon as my children developed their motor skills and started 'mark making' I created simple writing opportunities such as writing shopping lists, simple recipes 'how to make a jam sandwich' or changing the ending to a favourite story.

Before they are ready to begin any type of workbook I usually provide different writing activities to keep them interested. Activities surrounding a favourite book are a good idea.

After reading the story 'Oliver's Vegetables' I prepared activities to reinforce what they learnt in the book. Here are a few ideas:-

* sorting vegetables activity
* planting seeds and keeping a gardening diary
* cutting up sequencing cards of growing a seed and put in the correct order
* cutting up real vegetables and introducing halves & quarters
* putting the characters in order of height
* going on a bug hunt in the garden
* making a little 'garden centre' and selling 'packets of seeds'
* painting carrots using hands
* vegetable acrostic poem

Some of these activities can be found on our Instagram page @ theworldistheirclassroom so please check out!

I also dip into the Scholastic 100 Literacy lessons which has ideas like making story boards, writing instructions to  game, recounting a favourite day out, reporting about a lost teddy bear, etc.


I have been using the above too I came across years ago and was sent a copy in the post.


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