Which curriculum do I use?

Age 0-5 years - we do lots of Montessori sensory play activities, no workbooks just yet! practising their fine motor skills with various activities such as using tweezers to pickup small objects and transfer them into a container, playdoh, making letter shapes in sand or salt, cut & paste activities, pushing pipe cleaners through a colander etc. These are sandpaper letters I prepared for my 2 year old.

Primary Level - from around 5 years my children have already started to read and write so they now start their workbooks. Usually just for a short amount of time throughout the day. Each child is different, my daughters seem to be able to sit at the table and concentrate longer than the boys. At this age I buy workbooks that are colourful with stickers as they seem to appeal to this age group. Such as:

Collins Easy Learning books age 5-7 years

Letts Success books age 5-7 years

MEP Maths - you can print out for free or purchase hard copies

Reading Eggs & Maths Seeds online


Scholastic Lesson plans - I have years 1-6 for Literacy, Maths & Science


Schofield & Sims


John Muir Award


Here the children are helping the park manager clear a stream.

And here they are building a bug hotel!

Arts Award


From this age I can usually see the children start to progress at different rates, I go with them and don't usually for age limits set by schools. For instance if my 7 year old is excelling in Maths and can study at the same level as a 12 year old that's fine, I don't hold them back.

Another point I want to make is that my children complete some work in their books but I then also do extra practical work with them on the subject they are learning. If they are on the topic of fractions for example and I think they need more help or I think they might find it easy to understand in a practical way I will make a lesson plan for them on that topic. I might find extra printables online or prepare an activity such as cutting up pizza or vegetables to understand fractions easier. 

As they get older and have grown out of the colourful workbook I start to use textbooks as they are value for money (you can reuse!!) and go into more depth with each topic. These are links to some books and websites I use at this age!

Galore Park

Hamilton Trust - Lesson plans

Conquer Maths


With each topic the children complete they are now at any age they like to do projects on themes they are interested in. Such as a project on a particular country or a science topic such as Plants or Forces. They enjoy making wall displays and lapbooks. Also another good idea is to look into a trip or visit to somewhere that ties in with their work. When my children were doing a topic on Water as part of their Science and Geography I ordered some free resources from the Yorkshire Water website and booked a tour with them. 

Secondary Level

By this age they are good at self study and begin to get on with their own learning. They can organise their workload and know the subjects that interest them.

KS3 Collins or CGP revision, study & workbooks

BBC Bitesize KS3

Home Ed Wiki - excellent website with advice on IGCSES and exam boards. We have chosen Ed Excel 

Ed Excel workbooks 

So Monday - Thursday we work from books alongside practical activities & trips out n about. Then Fri-Sun we take a more autonomous approach. I don't believe one curriculum fits all which is one of the many reasons I Home ed so go with the flow and see how each child learns. My eldest loves to study through books but my 10 year old prefers practical activities and he retains much more in this way. 
You do not have to follow the National Curriculum, they do not have to achieve a certain level or take exams not even GCSES/IGCSES. It's up to you what, how and when you teach. 
They each have different interests too which I follow. My eldest enjoys baking & learning Arabic with lessons on Skype. My boys enjoy sports so they do Taekwondo three times a week, cricket and swimming. 

Thanks for reading and hope this helps someone inshallah. ;)


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