Which Arabic Resources do we use?

Monday - Thursday the children have a private tutor in Egypt via Skype. They each have a half hour lesson with her in Tajweed/Arabic.

When they are quite young I teach them the Arabic alphabet through this book:-

Image result for qaidah book

This book is very easy to work through and the children prefer it over similar Qaidahs.

As for their Arabic Language skills we start with posters, flash cards and learning lots of easy, simple vocab through the Gateway to Arabic books. These posters from Smart Ark are quite nice mashallah https://smartark.com/posters.html

My children then go through the following books:-

Image result for madinah reader book kidsImage result for madina book 1

This is a series of books they study at home with online help from:



They also learn Bayna Yadaik from their teacher in Egypt:-

Image result for bayna yaday
with homework help from:-

For free Arabic PDF's check out:-


In their free time they are starting to read simple books in Arabic from this website:-


Image result for mariam wa omar


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