Our Science activities!!

Early science with magnetic fun!

Colour changing milk experiment


Bit of gardening and hunting for bugs with the boys!


Experiment with light rays - I usually get science experiment books from the library!

Ice decoration bird feeders!

Making Healthy Teeth posters to display at the Dental Surgery

Licorice Allsorts branching key!

Learning about Rocks and Fossils, took a trip to the part to collect rocks from the Rock Garden

British Science week is an annual event with free packs to download online, a poster competition & activities at various places throughout the UK so check online


DNA model using sweets! anything that involves food goes down well with the kiddies!!!

We always supplement our science books with help from BBC Bitesize


Learning about Forces! made lap books too!

Science investigation - making insects

Experiment which Safiyah planned herself for her Crest Award


Learning about acids and alkalis with this experiment.

Started a cress diary with my 5 year old.

Using a quadrat to explore and record flowers and insects in the patch of ground.

Our free resources from Yorkshire Water, we booked a tour too!

Tea project for our Crest investigation more info online


Mystery Science at breakfast!


Floating and sinking activity - we also made ice boats with food colouring and watched them float and melt!

Testing for starch with iodine solution

Helping clear a stream for the John Muir Award


Chromatography with the kids!

booked to attend a few workshops here https://sdc.org.uk/ the children had a great time and covered the Primary Colour & Light topic

making bridges and understanding weight!

Making coins shiny again with this experiment!

Free resources from British Heart Foundation!


Nature Awards with Wildlife Watch


Making a bug hotel!

Bought caterpillars and learnt about metamorphosis with Insectlore


Making a mini nature reserve!

Testing friction and using the Force Metre