Preschool Educational Activities

What activities do I plan and how I plan them for my toddler?

There are so many websites for preschool activity ideas, online websites, Pinterest, Instagram etc. that you can do at home with your toddler. I find it easier to look up a craft idea when I have a certain resource. For example I had an egg box so I looked up kids crafts with egg boxes and my little boy painted an 'Under the Sea' theme on it as he is interested in sea creatures at the moment.
After a parcel was delivered I had loads of bubble wrap so again I looked up kids craft with bubble wrap and found a great idea to wrap it around my 2 year olds feet so she could paint! I always have a toddler activity/craft ready as the older children need my attention with their learning so I need my toddler to be entertained in the mornings.

I collect as many things I can and store them in a cupboard to use for crafts and model making such as toilet roll tubes, bottle tops, card, cereal boxes, sweet wrappers etc. You will always find a toddler craft idea online to do with your children.

For the flowers Maymunah drew around her hands and then twisted them onto pipecleaners, the bottom photo she is learning patterns and sequences with coloured bouncy balls and biscuit container.

Websites I visit regularly for ideas are:-

Making their own mini nature reserve!

Learning shapes with the Squishy Sensory Bag - easy to make: 1 cup of flour (you can use hair gel, glue, shaving foam etc.) 6 tbs water & food colouring in a zip lock bag!

Nice story sacks from the local library or make your own around the theme of a favourite book!

Hope this helps someone! I will add more links if I think of anymore. Please visit my Instagram for our daily toddler craft ideas!


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