Today's Home Ed Day

After breakfast they had their Tajweed lessons online. M and AS sat at the table do start some crafts. AS is learning about frogs and the life cycle and M did some painting.
It has been another rainy day so they each did their English, Maths & Science at the table until lunch. Along the way we include crafts, online work, experiments and any other practical activities I can think of to help them better understand the topic they are learning.
The boys (A & AR) were learning Pie Charts in Maths so made a pie chart of their day and coloured them in. They worked together in English and planned a quest story.
S was writing about the format of Media text which she continued from yesterday, revised Standard Form in Maths and revised Mixing and Dissolving substances in Chemistry. Here are some pics of the little extras of today.

Abdur-Rahmaan looking at the felt he made at an Art Workshop.

Abdus-Salaam making a spider catcher!

Safiyah making small cushions! She's enjoying learning to sew and has also made a pair of pyjama bottoms for her brother!

Abdus-Salaam really enjoyed planting his seeds at the weekend and has been making sure he is watering them every day.

Reading his Oxford Reading Tree Ebook on

Maymunah's Science/Art experiment with Baking Powder, Vinegar, paint & food colouring. She squirted the vinegar onto the colour to watch it bubble up.

Maths lesson in Tescos!  Weighing fruit and vegetables.

Abdus-Salaam learnt about the frog cycle today, read a book about frogs and used his frog toy and lilypads to count on in 2's for Maths.

We've had quite a few flyers through the post recently so the boys looked at advertising and made their own menus.

A new project to help out with at Zooniverse helping spot Seals

Making animations before Taekwondo lesson

Waiting for the Taekwondo lesson

Helping our grocery driver deliver our shopping!


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