30 Ideas for Ramadaan Activities

It's that time of the year again when we are all preparing activities for our children in Ramadaan. Our Home ed is quite relaxed and we spend it mostly Reading Quran, attending the Masjid and sharing food with the community. We start the day with a craft activity and reading books. Here are some activities we got up to last year:

1) Make Ramadaan Fanoos
2) Make Moon & Star Mobiles
3) Make Ramadaan Lapbooks
4) Sadaqah boxes or bottles
5)Print out masjid jigsaws
6)Make a masjid sun catcher
7) Make salaah mats
8) make sweet cones to hand out to the local children at Iftar on the first night
9) make a masjid from paper bag (see below)
10) Keep a Ramadaan journal
11) Write a story about Ramadaan
12)Write a Ramadaan Acrostic poem
13) Sponge paint a Masjid (see below)
14) Masjid foil art (see below)
15) Stories of the Prophet activity and read the books (see below)
16) Masjid colouring - print out or buy from http://www.islamicmoments.co.uk/
17) Masjid throw the bean bag game - (pic to follow)
18) Masjid collage activity
19) Plan Suhoor or Iftar - plates available to print online of draw your own. You could use paper plates to colour on too!
20) Set up an Itikaaf tent
21) Search for the moon and learn about moon phases - activity with oreo biscuits to follow
22) Make Ramadan Biscuits
23) Make good deed sticks by writing good deeds on lolly sticks
24) Make an Iftar box for treats
25)Attend the masjid whenever possible and encourage to keep it neat and tidy
26)Make a Ramdaan Scrapbook
27)Teach them about Laylatul Qadr
28)Encourage to read Quran and Islamic Books - have a Ramadaan book basket
29) Pack and prepare gifts for the less fortunate
30) Have a Ramdaan craft party with friends

Here are a few pics of Islamic activities we have been doing and I will be posting more through Ramadaan Insha'Allah.


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