Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How to go about studying for IGCSES/GCSES

Firstly home educators do not need to sit any exams including GCSE's it is totally up to individual families.

As KS4 approaches some home educators are worried that they haven't got the ability to teach at this level and need help from tutors or online school. Others choose to try and relearn the subject along with their child, choose an exam board and use lots of practice papers on the exam board's website along with learning Exam technique on You Tube.

I would say visit the Home Ed wiki which is an invaluable source of information.

We have chosen Ed Excel and we have an exam centre local to us. We have bought the study books and learning as we go through them, We also ordered a free copy of the Ed Excel Anthology from the website which also has plenty of past papers. It also gives information on which Drama/Prose books you can study for English Literature.

Some home educators use a distance courses such as:-

There are also online schools such as:-

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