How do I structure my day with five children?

I have been asked to write something about how I structure my day with five children.

Home Education is just normal family life for us now!

I have a large dining table in the kitchen with 8 chairs so I can cook at the same time if needed. I son't really bog myself down too much with lesson plans etc as they are my own children and know what stage each is at so I don't think they are necessary unlike school. I do keep a 'Home Ed' diary each year to log down any ideas I have planned and upcoming events. I also use it to make notes on each of my children if they need extra help in certain subjects.

Monday - Thursday they know what subjects they are doing and we start around 8am and finish around 1pm. My 13 year gets on with her work and asks me things along the way, she is very good at self study now. She is studying English Language, English Literature, Maths & Biology. Along with KS3 Chemistry, Physics & Computer Science.

They each have a half an hour lesson in Arabic/Tajweed over these four days, which they do in the morning in between their work.

I concentrate on my 10 and 7 year old who focus on English, Maths & Science (which is usually through an experiment of some sort). I have teamed them up as they on a similar level now. My 5 year old will come along and learn some maths or phonics then go off and play as he wishes which is fine as I spend some one to one time with him separately.

My 2 year old will happily play or join us at the table so I leave out books, colours, crafts etc which I prepare before we start.

Wednesday & Friday nights they have Taekwondo lessons.

In the afternoons they have free play, reading time and anything they are interested in. Eldest likes Art & baking, 10 year old enjoys coding/programming, 7 year old trains for his cricket & likes learning languages, 5 & 2 year old play together, when my 2 year old naps I take advantage of that time to spend helping my 5 year old with his reading and maths. After that time for me to clean/cook! Also my own time to do my own studying!

Fridays - Jummah! We are a bit chilled out on Jummah but they still have their Suran Kahf to read. I believe children are always learning so going out and interacting with the elders in the masjid, keeping it clean etc.They also have an islamic curriculum which they read. They have a lot of free play on Jummah!

Saturday/Sunday - we do spelling tests, maths revision, lots of reading and they also have Swimming, Cricket & Taekwondo lessons. as well as visiting family!

Breaks! We don't break up when schools do but we do make use of any events taking place. Our big break is Ramadan as they fast, enjoy Ramadan crafts etc, but we still keep up with their reading and maths in this blessed month.

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  1. Thank you jk. Really useful and inspiring blog.


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