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I home educate my children DD16, DS13, DS11, DS8 & DD5 in West Yorkshire, UK. 

They have never been in the schooling system and Home Ed is just part of normal family life for us!

I wrote this guide a few years ago after many families began home educating and asking me many questions. I then set up this blog in January 2017 followed by my Instagram page theworldistheirclassroom and then Twitter @Home_Educator

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Home Education Guide

I decided to Home Educate back in 2003 when I had my first child, and now teach all my five children at home, they have never been in the schooling system. There were many reasons which influenced my decision, but the main was to enjoy watching my children learn, develop and bond with each other and I didn't feel I needed any external help. I am happy I made those decisions and my eldest in now studying for her GCSES at college and DS13 is preparing to start Sept 20. Home Education is on the rise here in the UK and many people have asked me over the years many questions such as What is Home Ed all about? Where do I start? Which books should I buy? Do you need to be a teacher or have a degree yourself? So I have put this short article together so that it may benefit someone.

What is Home Education?

Home Education is when children do not enter the school system at age 5 rather they are educated at home by parents or tutors.  According to the 1996 Education Act in England and Wales, it is the parents (not the state) who are responsible for providing their children's education 'at school or otherwise' so long as the education is suitable for the age, ability and aptitude of each child. For more information about Home Education please visit http://www.educationotherwise.net/

Why do people Home Educate?

People choose to Home Educate for different reasons. Some children are taught at home due to bullying, illness or they cannot attend their choice of school, others have been taught at home from the start and have never been in the school system. Here in the UK Home Ed is on the rise and many families are turning to HE for various reasons.

How do I go about registering?

If a child has never been in the system then your Home Ed begins whenever you choose. You are not obliged to inform the local authority, it's your choice. If a child is at school and you wish to start Home educating then you need to write to the Head of the school to inform them of your decision. If the Local Authority are informed, or you have chosen to inform them, then they may get in touch with you about your decision to Home Educate. They will then offer you a home visit or you may choose to write a report on your Home Ed provision. Some families agree to this and others do not. From my experience over the years, the inspector has been very helpful, has enjoyed meeting the children and looking over their work, as well as giving us great feedback in the form of a report. Sadly, he was made redundant and we no longer receive a visit from the LEA. If the LEA do get in touch, I am happy to email them links to our blog and social media to provide them with an insight into the type of Education my children receive and they have always been satisfied with that. So it's completely up to you whether you accept a visit from the LEA. 

'The law says parents must ensure that any child of compulsory school age receives ‘efficient full-time education suitable to his/her age, aptitude and ability (and to any special educational needs he/she may have) either by attendance at school or otherwise’ (Education Act 1996, Section 7).  This means that parents may decide that they would prefer to educate their child at home rather than send them to school.

If a parent wishes to remove their child from a school roll in order to home educate them, they must inform the school in writing.  Parents have the right to do this and do not need permission from the school or local authority.  If a parent informs you that they wish to home educate their child, you should remove them from the school roll from the date that you receive notification in writing, and contact this department straight away.

The exceptions to this are when a child is placed in a special school or is the subject of a school attendance order, when permission from the local authority is required.  Please contact us before removing a child from your roll in these circumstances.
Once we receive notification that a child is being home educated, we will register them as such and make contact with the family and with the school in order to fulfil our duties with regard to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.'  https://bso.bradford.gov.uk/Schools/CMSPage.aspx?mid=347

How do I Home Educate and what about exams?

All children learn in different ways. Some children will enjoy learning through workbooks and sit for long periods with pen and paper. Others, such as my boys for example, are not so keen. They enjoy more practical, hands on activities. This is fine. Follow your child's interests by starting projects and adapting lesson plans. If they enjoy Lego for example, make comics, build structures, etc. If they enjoy sports then get outside and teach maths through skipping the correct answer to a times table question or measuring the angles in the basketball court in the sports centre. Incorporate subjects through practical learning such as baking! They can weigh ingredients, write up recipes and learn all about reversible changes!  They do not have to be sat in a room at a table to learn. The world is their classroom and it's certainly not 'school at home'.

I read lots of books to my children from a very young age and start teaching them the letter sounds as soon as they are ready. Through the toddler/preschool years I plan lots of 'hands on' preschool activities such as playdough, sand/water, making bird feeders etc. Check out our preschool ideas here and here. I like to follow themes such as seasons, here are our Autumn and Winter crafts. Once they know the letter sounds we quickly progress onto CVC words and learn some sight words through books. By around age 3 they are starting to read simple sentences. Becoming confident readers is very important, from there they are able to go on a learn whatever they like through books of their choice. Check out our reading ideas here. Writing comes a bit later, but I have found that after lots of mark making opportunities then they soon begin to write and form the letters properly. I then give them lots of writing opportunities. When they're ready, around age 7, they cover the Galore Park Curriculum in English, Maths and Science before progressing onto KS4 Edexcel textbooks. We still continue to follow their own interests through projects. DS12 has chosen to learn Taekwondo and recently gained his black belt. Each one chooses a learning style that suits them and whatever extra subjects aside from the core subjects. 

We work at the kitchen table when we are at home as this allows me to cook alongside them but if it’s a lovely day we take our classroom to the park! Even though it’s known as ‘Home Education’ it certainly isn’t ‘school at home’ and we make time to go on plenty of trips to places such as the canal, picnics in the woods and other educational trips which tie in with the topics we are covering such as a tour of Yorkshire Water.

We are quite structured Monday to Thursday mornings with a timetable covering English, Maths, Science and Arabic. We spend our afternoons out and about in the local park or woods. On Fridays the children get plenty of free time to follow their own interests and weekends we keep busy with Art, History, Geography and ICT.

If one of the kiddies wants to build with wood then they will do that, another may choose to learn some Spanish etc. I go with whatever interests them. They also do swimming, taekwondo and cricket and have completed some alternative qualifications such as The John Muir Award and Arts Awards.

When Home Educating you do not need to follow the National Curriculum as exams and tests are not obligatory. However, many Home Educators like to have some structure and buy a curriculum that's available on the market. When you have decided and bought your curriculum then you can begin teaching your child at home. I have seen many families buy lots of books, but then as they grow more confident in teaching their children and seeing how they learn, they easily find other ideas and projects to start.

For those thinking about exams please check out the Home Ed Wiki here
IGCSE's and A-Levels can easily be studied at home and then exams can be booked through your local exam centre where children can sit as 'private candidates.'

First choose your exam board. EdExcel seems to be the preferred choice for most Home Educators. Then choose your subject/s, buy the relevant course material and study along with post papers on the exam board's website. They may also send you material, such as the Anthology needed for English Language and English Literature. My eldest completed some IGCSE's privately at 13 and then started college aged 14.

Online Help

Here are a few websites that may be useful:



EdPlace - Amazing online lessons covering the National Curriculum for English, Maths & Science click here to see our review.
Scholastic - We use the 100 lessons
The Maths Factor - Online Maths
Audible - Audiobooks
http://uk.mathletics.com/ - online Maths
http://www.conquermaths.com/    - online Maths
http://www.schofieldandsims.co.uk/ - buy at tutor price

Home Ed Supplies

We showcase suggestions for Home Ed Books and resources on our Amazon storefront here:

How do HE children socialise?

This is the most common question that we are faced with as Home Educators!

Firstly, who says that school is the only place where children can socialise? In fact when I was in school we weren't allowed to talk to the person next to us during lessons and if we did, we would be told 'you're not here to socialise you know!'

HE children seem to be much more confident in socialising with people of all ages, backgrounds etc. not just the same 30+ children in their class day in day out!

HE children have lots of opportunities ever day to socialise. There are so man workshops, events and activities where they mingle with different children and adults.

As it's known as 'Home Education' people often assume that that's where all their learning will take place, when in fact their classroom is taken outside more often than within four walls! It's certainly not 'School at home' which is what I have had to remind myself over the years!

Advice for new Home Educators

My advice would be, whether you're starting from scratch or just taken your children out of school, is to relax, have fun and get to know your children's interests. Choose subjects they find exciting and are relevant to what they would like to do in the future.

Find local HE families through social media groups in order to find out what's happening in your area and events that you could take the children to.

Finally, remember everyone's HE adventure is different, so don't feel you have to follow and copy other people. All children are different and learn in different ways!

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