Country Projects

We usually start a project on a particular country when my children become interested or if someone we know returns from a country and brings things back for us such as coins, postcards, maps etc.

They start by gathering information from books at the library as well as online info including printouts of the country's flag. They are available on many sights including Sparklebox.

They look up printables they can use then decide whether to make a lap book or large poster. For Lap books there are many printables to use online which gives country facts, weather, flag, famous sights, population comparison, economy, size, etc

The boys have just started a project on Egypt as that's where their Arabic teacher lives.

They wrote facts onto flaps of paper to stick onto their poster.

They drew 3D net pyramids to make up and glue on too.

They will be colouring and making camel & crocodile crafts, making Egyptian bookmarks, doing Sand paper art, making clay pots and some online activities. I have just reserved this book at the library so hopefully should be extra ideas in there!!

This type of project incorporates many subject areas e.g. Maths, English, Science, Geography, Art.

Will post more pics when they've completed it inshallah!


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