A day in the life of my home educated 13 year old!

Home edders with teens have asked about my 13 year old's daily activities so here goes....

10am Monday morning. Kiddies started their learning and no sign of the teen!!

Starting a project on the Great Women of Islam. She's read the book a few times and wanted to make a display of the information about the wives of the Prophet (SAW). Covered her English & History for the day!

Took a short break to have her Arabic & Quran lesson online with her teacher in Egypt through Skype.
She also studies the Madinah books & Bayna Yadaik online here



Started reading her new books. She gets through so many books in a week which she reserves at the library and keeps a blog of her reviews:-


Revised Set Notation in Maths. She has been working through the EdExcel Books and past papers online. She makes notes on these record cards so she can quickly revise before her exams!
Also looking at some Revision Advice from BBC Bitesize


and using Maths Genie recommended by another Home Edder!


Studying both English Language and Literature, chose to revise English Lit today with a question on how 'Of Mice and Men' deals with Racism in the novel.

Revising some KS3 Chemistry with the Collins Science workbook and revision guide. We carry out as many experiments as we can from the book or watch on You Tube.

Made Coconut & jam slices

Now relaxing with her reading books and some fashion Art!


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