Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Roald Dahl Day 2017

Another date for your Home Ed diaries is 13th September for Roald Dahl Day. Are your children into Roald Dahl books?

My kiddies seem to like some and not others but we will be taking part by watching Puffin Virtually Live at 2pm 'a webcast broadcast from the countryside of Buckinghamshire where Roald Dahl lived and you’ll even get to take a tour of the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre!'

We have registered before on Puffin and the kiddies have always loved joining in. To sign up click here:  'suitable for children and oompa-loompas aged 7+'

National Poetry Day 2017

This year National Poetry Day is on 28th September and it's a great time to get the kids interested in poetry by reading, writing and memorising poems that interest them.

'This year National Poetry Day is taking place on 28 September. National Poetry Day is an annual celebration of poetry and it’s about everybody sharing poetry, reading poetry, writing poetry, enjoying poetry! For schools this can be a chance to make more of something already enjoyed throughout the school or it can be a launchpad for new experiences and enjoyment.'

If you are looking for free resources and materials for your Home Ed classroom then head over to to check out their selection of poems, online resources, competitions and more including this great toolkit

We are also going to use the poems they write towards their Arts Awards!!

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Have a great time!

Afternoon in the Art Gallery

Today we took part in the Mono Printing and Collage workshop at our local Art Gallery. The children took inspiration from the paintings in the gallery and drew their own pictures on paper, stuck tissue paper onto cartridge paper to make a collage and then placed a paper between the two which contained ink in order to make their print.

The gallery has regular workshops some of which are specifically for Home Educators. The children always enjoy them and we use their work as evidence towards their Arts Award

Story Starters

People have been asking me lately about lesson planning and I always remind them that we don't try to make it 'school at home' so I don't bog myself down with lots of paper work and lesson planning. My friends who are teachers themselves have even told me not to bother!
As they are my own children, not a class of 30+ children I don't know, so I know where they are at and what they are going to be moving onto.
I also follow their interests and start projects when different topics arise, such as when volcanos erupt around the world or there is a solar eclipse. These spark their interest and we cover their subjects around the topic as well as doing craft activities or planning a visit somewhere.

I do now and again dip into the Scholastic lesson plans which I have for the core subjects (English, Maths & Science) for years 1-6 (I've added link through Amazon on this blog). I also recommend the Hamilton Trust website if you are looking for lesson plans.

Do you use lesson plans, make your own or not bother at all?

Today we are using the Scholastic Story Starters to help DS5 with his creative story writing. Using interactives like this really encourage him to write as it makes it much more fun!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Learning about cheese

We're learning all about cheese today and having a bit of tasting session (senses activity for the younger ones).

We were sent a teacher pack from here is the link to resources and a video.

'Activities for each subject have been amended to be consistent with the new National Curriculum which comes into force in in England in Autumn 2014.'

Audio Books

Whilst having their lunch, in between lessons, the kiddies still continue to learn. They love listening to audio books so today we're trying out these from the kids section of the RSPB website. :)

Keeping DD3 entertained whilst teaching my older children

DD3 loves to join in by taking out her 'learning' in the morning as she sees her older siblings doing the same. Her books and crayons are all within reach so she is able to use as she pleases. I also leave out an activity I plan the day before which will keep her engaged for a while. These are some of this week's activities.

Working on her fine motor skills by pushing flower stems through a colander.

'Fine motor skill (or dexterity) is the coordination of small muscles, in movements—usually involving the synchronization of hands and fingers—with the eyes. The complex levels of manual dexterity that humans exhibit can be attributed to and demonstrated in tasks controlled by the nervous system.'

Simple weaving using ribbons strapped around one of her toy boxes. We have so much ribbon at the moment which is not really being used, so I thought it would make a nice weaving activity for DD3. It certainly kept her entertained whilst she threaded each piece up and over each ribbon.

Cutting up herbs and 'cooking'. We went to the local shop to purchase a few different herbs that she had seen in a herb book we have at home. She really loves to use the scissors but finds cutting paper slightly difficult, but cutting up these herbs seemed like an easy task for her and made her much more confident when holding the scissors correctly.

Today she watched 'Little Red Riding' on the BBC School Radio website. We use this site a lot for a range of different activities including Maths Challenges, Macbeth and more.
She watched the programs and had a go at the sequencing activity.

How do you keep the little ones busy whilst the older ones are studying?
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Monday, 21 August 2017

Fizzy cubes - today's science experiment with DS8

I introduced DS8 & DS5 to some simple chemical reactions today through the following experiment taken from

Every year we watch the Royal Institution lectures which are available online to watch again here
The children get so much inspiration from them and are always asking to do experiments in Science rather than just learning from books. So I try to plan simple kitchen science experiments for them.

Today we are trying out fizzy cubes to see how different substances react with bicarbonate of soda.

'When bicarbonate of soda reacts with substances like vinegar, carbon dioxide is given off as a gas, which forms the bubbles you see as the reaction fizzes. Experimenting with different liquids shows how some have certain things in common with each other. Acidic liquids cause fizzing while some don’t react.'

Here are the links to the experiment and other fun activities:-


Whilst on the topic of science, anyone seen the eclipse today, best place to see it is in the US apparantly ??

Future Learn

DD13 has completed a few courses on Future Learn from science experiments to learning Spanish. They have free courses on a variety of topics and you don't usually need any previous experience, so there's something for everyone.
For DD13 it's a nice break from her usual studies and develop new interests as she tries out new courses. Certificates can be requested at a cost on completion of the course.

Today we have decided to start the new Islamic Calligraphy course: An Introduction to the Art of Handwriting. She has previously attended a Calligraphy workshop in our local Art Gallery which she used as evidence towards her Arts Award which she thoroughly enjoyed.

'Join 6,525,150 people learning together at FutureLearn. Try high quality online education – enjoy free online courses from top universities and specialist organisations.'

Have a look on the link below. What would you like to learn?


'Empowering Teachers to do more of what they love and cut down on the paperwork'

Teachkloud's new blog went live on their website yesterday and our preschool article has been featured!!

Click the link below to check it out as well as many other great articles relating to early childhood education.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Getting boys into writing

The National Literacy Trust annual literacy survey showed the gap between girls and boys writing decreased slightly in 2015 but is still wider than the gender gap in reading enjoyment.

'Boys tend to enjoy writing less often and think less positively about writing than girls.'

Even though I know many families who say that their boys enjoy reading and writing, for me, I can relate to the above findings when it comes to boys and writing. DD13 loves to write and not only writes in her English lessons but writes for enjoyment in her free time through a variety of contexts from stories and letters to recipes and poems. On the other hand the boys just don't seem as interested.

When asked to write a story it seems to be such a laborious, drawn out task for them, so to combat the 'Do we have to write a whole story!' we make it fun and interesting by designing characters and describing settings, planning events with storyboards etc. Giving them different opportunities to write in a variety of styles makes covering their Literacy topics much easier.

Here are some examples of our lessons:-

Writing stories through images: We visit the Art gallery regularly taking along notepads and pens to look at pieces of Art work to inspire the children in their story writing ideas. They have started to understand that a story can start from an image or even a simple object.

Writing recounts: Exploring the outdoors and writing about the places they have visited is always a nice way to test their literacy skills.

Writing Poems: making use of poetry books borrowed from the library. Writing haikus, acrostics, blank verse, sonnets, etc. 

Making posters: The boys made 'Healthy Teeth' posters to display in our Dental Surgery

Young Writers: Using the free resources from and posting book reviews.

Diary Entries: Writing diary/journal entries and DS11 started this space diary from


Making Fact Files:- using wildlife magazines to cut out pictures and research information.

Stories: Working together to plan a Quest story

Visuals: Using pictures to make up stories and write simple sentences with DS5. He also rewrites well known stories by changing the ending for example.

Writing slogans and making leaflets: looking at leaflets and designing their own using the Usborne Creative writing book from Amazon (link on this page)

Taking part in:

Other ideas:

Fiction writing

Writing stories that raise issues e.g bullying
Writing mysteries
Historical stories - researching time periods
Science Fiction stories
Humorous stories
Stories with Dilemmas
Stories with a twist

Non-Fiction writing

Writing arguments
Newsletters/Magazine articles
Newspaper reports
Instructions e.g. how to play a game, recipes

How do you get your boys into writing? Please share your thoughts and ideas :)

Friday, 18 August 2017

Fish is the Dish

We ordered our free teacher resource pack from Fish is the Dish who provide lesson plans, including videos and downloadable materials, focusing on six species of fish. Children learn all about the different fish and how to make simple dishes following the recipes. We also tied in these lesson plans with the 'Farm to Fork' trail in Tescos, where the children listened to the fish monger talk all about the different types of fish on sale.

Both the pack and online resources provide you with information to carry out fun lessons with plenty of activities for the children. Check out Fish is the Dish here:


Thursday, 17 August 2017

DD3's Nature Pallette

We picked up some colour samples from the paint shop and used them for this lovely nature activity with DD3 today.

After attaching the different shades of colour to our 'nature pallette' she wandered around the library garden picking anything that interested her and matching it up to stick on the pallette.

I try to think of outdoor activities as much as possible as there are so many benefits to outdoor play. Exploring her environment, developing muscle strength and coordination and gaining self-confidence are just some of the many reasons why taking your classroom outdoors is such a great idea.

Hope everyone is having a great summer :)

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Hands up for Hygiene

We have been learning all about hygiene and found this simple activity showed just how easily germs spread. The glitter acted as the invisible 'germs'. Once touched it quickly spread from their hands to food and then passed to each other. The glitter was everywhere!!! They had to wash their hands really well to remove the 'germs'!!! (See pics below)

There are also some great free teacher resources and lesson plans up to secondary school age from Carex. (See link below)

'Carex has been helping children learn about hand washing for over five years through the Hands Up for Hygiene Education Programme. In this time we’ve taught over 1.4 million children, how,when and why they should wash their hands in a fun interactive and motivational way.

All our resources are linked to the curriculum as it is taught throughout the UK and are particularly suitable for supporting aspects of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Science.

For an overview of all the teaching resources available through the Carex Hands Up for Hygiene Education Programme and to download copies use the links below.'

Monday, 14 August 2017

Engineer the Chocolate Bar of the Future

Institution of Engineering and Technology are asking children to design a 'chocolate bar of the future' in this new competition.

'Here are a few tips from us all at Fun Kids…
  • How will you make / engineer your chocolate bar?
  • How will it look and taste?
  • What shape will it be?
  • What will it be called?
  • What makes it different to chocolate bars that already exist?
  • What size will it be (how many pieces)?
  • What would the packaging look like?'

Amy's Aviation

Learn all about the world of Aviation in these fun new podcasts!

'In every series, Amy takes us all over the place and teaches us all about aeroplanes and how they work.'

Click the link and scroll down to listen, from a world without planes and how planes have changed to a day in the life of a pilot.

Home Education Guide

Asalaamualaykum wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakathu I decided to Home Educate back in 2003 when I had my first child, and now teach all my ...