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Welcome to my blog! I'm Nicola! I home educate my children DD14, DS11, DS9, DS6 & DD3.

I wrote this guide a few years ago after many families began home educating and asking me many questions. I then set up this blog in January 2017 followed by my Instagram page theworldistheirclassroom

Firstly, just a quick note on how to get around my blog. The PC version is slightly different to the mobile version but they both have an icon of three small lines in the top left hand corner of the Home Page. (On the PC version this may be clicked automatically and therefore, show a side panel.) But if you click this, you should be able to easily find older posts in the archive as well as some labels which I have tagged onto posts in order to group similar ones together. There is a search bar at the top of the Home Page screen to quickly search for a particular word. Hope this makes it easier to find what you're looking for.

Please feel free to comment or get in touch at theworldistheircl…

Library Book Reviews - March

A few people have asked me to recommend books for their children this week. We pop into our local library a few times a week to choose books as well as collect the books we have reserved online. My children choose books thy are interested in which develops their interest and love of books. They spend as much time as they like reading to themselves throughout the day. At certain times in the day we have a 'reading time' where the older ones read to the younger ones and then the older ones also listen to the younger ones read to them. My husband and I also encourage them to read classics to us, as well as books that are perhaps at a slightly higher reading age in order to further their reading skills, comprehension and vocabulary. We also have 'poetry teatime' where they each read a poem out.
If you're looking for a list of classic books, check out this list here
I try to post library book reviews and recommendations each month so here is our latest book review po…

Top Five Arabic Resources for your Home Ed Classroom

Looking for educational resources to keep the kiddies engaged whilst learning Arabic?

Here are some great products we have been using and I'm recommending them for your Home Ed Classrooms too!

1) These are by far my favourite educational Arabic products so far. They are from Daradam and you can check out our review here.

'Daradam toys and games are designed with Arabic teachers in order to optimise the learning process either at home or at school. We do our best to promote the Arabic language and to communicate the richness of the cultural heritage through intergeneration interaction.'

2) Yallakids Arabic Write and Wipe Books

Check out our review here and purchase here.

'YallaKids is new brand bringing fun to education. We want to make learning fun for children. How?
When children are using educational tools to play, learning is more fun and interactive. At YallaKids we make educational arabic books and toys. We think of new innovative ways to make learning interestin…

Ramadan Activities

With Ramadan only weeks away, now is the time to do all that meal planning, preparing activities for the kiddies and perhaps even buy all those Eid gifts and outfits, so that you're not having to think about it through the blessed month.

Our Home Ed is quite relaxed and we spend it mostly reading, doing craft activities and sharing food with neighbours and the local community.

We start the day with a craft activity and reading books. Here are the first 20 days of activities from last year, for more ideas see the post I wrote here.

Day 1) Making Ramadan Bookmarks

Day 2: Ramadan Moon & Star fruit kebabs 

Day 3: Foil tin Art

Day 4: Making Ramadan Crowns

Day 5: Writing Ramadan Poems

Day 6: Reading words on Moons hidden in water beads (sensory play activity)

Day 7: Making Date Loaf (recipe here)

Day 8: Planning a meal for Iftar

Day 9: Dessert made by the kiddies for iftar (recipe here)

Day 10: Keeping Ramadan Journals

Day 10: Making Masjid Sun Catchers 

Chai Chat with Hafsa!

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in my 'Chai Chats' so far. They are Question and Answer sessions with Home Ed families from across the globe. Grab yourself a cuppa and have a lovely read of today's Chai Chat with Hafsa from the UK who home educates her two girls in Saudi!

A little about me:
I’m Hafsa from @mamateachesme. I share my homeschool journey with my 2 daughters Ammarah (aged 4 and a half) and Hibah (nearly 3), teaching tips and my own unit studies/themes. We are originally from England but have been living in Makkah for the past 3 years now and this is where our homeschool journey has essentially begun!
When and why did you decide to HE?
I decided way before I even had children surprisingly. Therefore I took a PGCE (Post Graduate in Secondary Education) as I loved teaching. Then after I got married and had my girls, homeschooling them felt natural and right, especially as we had moved from England to Saudi Arabia!

Did you have to give up your job/career to HE?

30 Days Wild is open for sign ups!

'Can you do something wild every day throughout June? That’s 30 simple, fun and exciting Random Acts of Wildness.'

We can't wait to take part again this year!

We have loved taking part for the last couple of years, with wild activities everyday day throughout the month of June!

Follow us on Instagram @theworldistheirclassroom to see what we get up to this year and sign up yourselves here to get your free pack!

Here's what we received last year and the first five days of our adventure!!

Chai Chat with....Hayley - Mum to 3 wildlings

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in my 'Chai Chats' so far. They are Question and Answer sessions with Home Ed families from across the globe. Grab yourself a cuppa and have a lovely read of today's Chai Chat with Hayley a working mother of 3 young boys and baby number 4 on the way!

When did you decide to HE?
We have always considered home educating to teach our children, but we decided to give school a go first. We moved to the area we live in now specifically because it is the catchment area for the best schools in Scotland. After 4 months of trying school we knew it wasn’t for our son, he wanted to learn more than they were able to teach, he likes to ask more questions than they are willing to answer, and he also just didn’t cope in the environment (he has sensory issues). We said we would give HE a go and see how it went for awhile and would possibly consider school again, however after starting our journey and seeing the change, not only in our son but our whol…