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I home educate my children DD15, DS12, DS9, DS7 & DD4 in Yorkshire, UK. They have never been in the schooling system and Home Ed is just part of normal family life for us!

I wrote this guide a few years ago after many families began home educating and asking me many questions. I then set up this blog in January 2017 followed by my Instagram page theworldistheirclassroom

Not only do we blog our Home Ed Adventure but we also collaborate with brands and companies in order to bring you some great educational product reviews, discounts and giveaways! Here are some of our favourite collaborations:- 

Beaker Creatures by Learning Resources
Oxford University Press
Denkit Co
Botley the Coding Robot by Learning Resources 
Arty Mouse
Science Book
Playfoam by Learning Resources
The Present Finder
Toucan Box
Studio Arabiya
Mysteries in Time
Mister Maker
Letterbox Lab
Little Brian

We are thrilled to be ambassadors of Willow & Wildbox - here is our latest review here (there&#…

365 Days Wild - Guest Post by Lucy McRobert

As I’m writing, it’s a beautiful day outside. A proper spring day in late May. Annoyingly, I’m stuck in the dark study staring at a screen, but with the patio doors wide open I can smell the richness of the grass, feel the warmth of the sunshine and even enjoy the occasional scream as our swifts go racing past. They seem to be having such fun, careering around the sky like racing car drivers.

Despite the glorious afternoon beckoning, I’m snatching an hour of quiet time to write. My daughter, Georgiana, has finally collapsed exhausted on the bed for her nap. We’ll see how long it lasts! We shared in a beautiful walk through the village earlier. At eight months old, I am experiencing the joy of rediscovering nature through her eyes. It’s a fascinating and magical process. She is obsessed by plants and animals, desperate to touch, feel, taste, listen to, examine everything, and she instinctively knows the difference between living and inanimate objects. She’ll sit watching birds out of th…

Anorak Magazine - Review

'Anorak Magazine, the ‘happy mag for kids’ is aimed at boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years old. DOT is aimed at pre-schoolers.
At Anorak, we are very proud of producing printed magazines on REAL (recycled) paper with REAL (vegetable) ink. It makes them smell nice and it is at the heart of our commitment to provide kids with a calm, immersive, fun piece of culture.
Unlike magazines of today, neither of our publications are throw away titles. Just like much loved children’s magazines and annuals of the past they are designed to be collected, kept, handed down and revisited.
Studio Anorak's main philosophy is to encourage children to tap into their imagination, use their creativity to learn and is here to amplify their voices. It has at the core of its offering a passion for words and images that challenge and stimulate. And silly jokes too.'

We are a family of avid readers and that doesn't mean just books, we love magazines too! and now DD4 is at the stage where she…

Nature Journal Envy - Guest Post

Nature Journal Envy 

I’m envious.  Am I allowed to say that?

Nature Journals are everywhere I look at the moment and they are all so beautiful, filled with lovely pages of hand drawn illustrations with the important observation notes. I admire those who have the organisation skills to get it all in one book and get their kids to do it too.

I confess - I have tried and I gave up. It was never going to happen. I always lost the book or the kids started drawing My Little Pony in it or something that seemed unsuitable. And I questioned my motives; Is it about the beautiful finished sketchbook? or is it about the experience?

 Does having viable proof in a book mean it is also in the heart?

 I just can’t seem to get all our observations into the damn sketchbook. 

We have done our fair share of what constitutes nature journalling. We have examined and documented and sketched and noted and been amazed at what we have and continue to see in the natural world. I just don’t have a trail of it to …

Denso Marston Nature Reserve

Nature on our doorstep!

Bradford has some real hidden gems, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets. This morning we were up early and had a lovely walk around the Denso Marston Nature Reserve in Baildon

It's a great place to spot some amazing wildlife such as Mandarin Ducks. 

'The seven acre reserve is situated between the River Aire and the Denso Marston factory in Shipley, West Yorkshire. Created in 1991 on Denso Marston washland for the benefit of wildlife, community enjoyment and education. An urban haven of woodland, meadows and pools with varied wildlife complement the other green areas in the wildlife rich Aire valley.'

There is even a 'Spider Club' which encourages children to get involved with nature. 

Throughout the year they also organise a variety of events including guided walks, workshops and group activities. Check out the events calendar here

There's lots to explore and you can walk along the River Aire which runs alongs…

treat trunk - Healthy Snack Boxes - Review

This week we have been on a snacking adventure with treat trunk! Are you looking for healthier snacks for your children? Then check out treat trunk you're sure to discover something new inside each box!
'Full of adventure. Free from hassle. Every month, we handpick the most exciting snacks especially for you, both savoury and sweet. Our Treat Trunks are delivered directly to your door and come packed full of surprises for all the family.
Never stop adventuring! With each delivery, you’ll be introduced to the latest and most tantalising snacking trends of the month, as well as a few of the irreplaceable old classics of course. Choose from 2 dietary options and 2 sizes.'

Our personalised family snack box arrived this week full of healthy treats for the whole family. The box was brimming with goodies, many of which were new to us and we couldn't wait to give them a try, from yummy cho…

Dolphins - Strange and Wonderful - book review

DS7 is currently into Oceans and Sea Creatures. He has just started his very first project making a powerpoint presentation to showcase all the information he has found out so far. He's always enjoyed watching Octonauts on TV and has learnt so much information and is forever telling us all about tiger sharks and sun fish, so I thought he would enjoy doing a little project, incorporating all his subjects as he goes. He's also creating artwork of his favourite sea creatures, researching measurements and gathering facts. Here is one of the books he has been engrossed in lately, Dolphins - Strange and Wonderful. It's a lovely hardback book full of amazing facts and detailed illustrations, perfect for marine mad DS7!

'Here is an accessible and comprehensive introduction to dolphin species from all over the world; this title is the latest installment in the popular Strange and Wonderful series and a terrific STEM choice.'

'With fascinating facts and detailed, illumina…

Cell-Fie Education Boxes from uOpen - Review

Look what arrived this week! Our Cell-Fie Education boxes from uOpen which have been delivered just in time for DD15's first Biology exam next week! We have chosen the GCSE Biology box and the KS3 Chemistry box for DS12 to get stuck into! 

''uOpen is the home of brilliant subscription boxes! Whether you're looking to buy a monthly delivery of your favourite things, a special treat for yourself, or a unique gift for someone special, you're sure to find something you love on uOpen.' 
You can receive 10% off uOpen with discount code: THANKS10

Here's a bit more information about Cell-Fie Education boxes and check out our unboxing video here:
'AtCell-fie Education, we deliver monthly science activity kits straight to your door! Our boxes are aimed at 7-14 year old’s with a budding interest in science and the world around them.
​Designed for kids, by teachers, we ensure that there’s always an educational element to the box. We design our boxes based around the …

GeoSafari® Jr. Kidnoculars® Extreme™ - Review

'The bright colours and functional nature of our GeoSafari® Jr products encourage children to get outside and explore the world around them.'

Check out these new, cool GeoSafari® Jr. Kidnoculars® Extreme™ from Learning Resources which allow young children to get outside up close to nature. As soon as they arrived the kiddies couldn't wait to give them a go and I must admit, I had a little go myself! They have built-in audio amplification which encourage children to use both sight and sound to explore the world around them.

DD4 was up first this morning and she headed straight to the garden which was full of birdsong. She put on the Kidnoculars and listened intently to all the new sounds she could hear. She enjoyed listening to all the different tweets, but got annoyed when a car drove by! She could hear the sounds clearly and watched the birds through the easy-to-see 3 x magnification Kidnoculars.

DD4 says, 'I like looking up at the sky with my Kidnoculars® to watch bi…

Just Ask! - Book Review

DD4 is at that age where she is forever asking questions, so these Just Ask! books, published by Sterling Children's Books, have come along at just the right time. She has been skimming through Do Tigers Stay Up Late? looking at all the up close photographs and reading the questions and answers about these big cats, including how they sleep, what they eat, and, yes . . . why they have so many stripes! and also discovering all she wants to know about shark life in Do Sharks Glow in the Dark? The books are packed with funny questions that play on the minds of children, which they are just itching to ask!

'Does a tiger purr? Could it win a marathon? And would it make a good pet? Using a helpful Q&A format, Do Tigers Stay Up Late? tells children all they ever wanted to know about these magnificent creatures, from what they weigh to whether they swim. Filled with stunning photographs and cool information, this book is sure to become a favorite of every young animal lover.'…

What's on Your Plate? Exploring the World of Food - book review

Take a look at this amazing new book, What's on Your Plate? which has my kiddies excited about cooking and trying our new delicious recipes as they eat their way around the world, exploring new dishes!!

'It's a big, tasty world out there, and this book takes kids on a tour through the cuisines of 14 countries, complete with a recipe for each one. What's on your plate? Chances are it's not quite the same as what's on other children's plates around the world. Come on a journey to see how people in different countries prepare, eat, and think about their food. Beautiful photographs and illustrations capture the food culture of 14 countries. Each spread includes an overview of the country and its native foods, photographs of the various dishes with pronunciations and descriptions, an easy recipe for kids to try, and an illustrated map of the country. With so many fun elements to intrigue them, young foodies will be excited to learn about how people eat across t…