Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Roald Dahl Day 2017

Another date for your Home Ed diaries is 13th September for Roald Dahl Day. Are your children into Roald Dahl books?

My kiddies seem to like some and not others but we will be taking part by watching Puffin Virtually Live at 2pm 'a webcast broadcast from the countryside of Buckinghamshire where Roald Dahl lived and you’ll even get to take a tour of the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre!'

We have registered before on Puffin and the kiddies have always loved joining in. To sign up click here:  'suitable for children and oompa-loompas aged 7+'

National Poetry Day 2017

This year National Poetry Day is on 28th September and it's a great time to get the kids interested in poetry by reading, writing and memorising poems that interest them.

'This year National Poetry Day is taking place on 28 September. National Poetry Day is an annual celebration of poetry and it’s about everybody sharing poetry, reading poetry, writing poetry, enjoying poetry! For schools this can be a chance to make more of something already enjoyed throughout the school or it can be a launchpad for new experiences and enjoyment.'

If you are looking for free resources and materials for your Home Ed classroom then head over to to check out their selection of poems, online resources, competitions and more including this great toolkit

We are also going to use the poems they write towards their Arts Awards!!

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Have a great time!

Afternoon in the Art Gallery

Today we took part in the Mono Printing and Collage workshop at our local Art Gallery. The children took inspiration from the paintings in the gallery and drew their own pictures on paper, stuck tissue paper onto cartridge paper to make a collage and then placed a paper between the two which contained ink in order to make their print.

The gallery has regular workshops some of which are specifically for Home Educators. The children always enjoy them and we use their work as evidence towards their Arts Award

Story Starters

People have been asking me lately about lesson planning and I always remind them that we don't try to make it 'school at home' so I don't bog myself down with lots of paper work and lesson planning. My friends who are teachers themselves have even told me not to bother!
As they are my own children, not a class of 30+ children I don't know, so I know where they are at and what they are going to be moving onto.
I also follow their interests and start projects when different topics arise, such as when volcanos erupt around the world or there is a solar eclipse. These spark their interest and we cover their subjects around the topic as well as doing craft activities or planning a visit somewhere.

I do now and again dip into the Scholastic lesson plans which I have for the core subjects (English, Maths & Science) for years 1-6 (I've added link through Amazon on this blog). I also recommend the Hamilton Trust website if you are looking for lesson plans.

Do you use lesson plans, make your own or not bother at all?

Today we are using the Scholastic Story Starters to help DS5 with his creative story writing. Using interactives like this really encourage him to write as it makes it much more fun!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Learning about cheese

We're learning all about cheese today and having a bit of tasting session (senses activity for the younger ones).

We were sent a teacher pack from here is the link to resources and a video.

'Activities for each subject have been amended to be consistent with the new National Curriculum which comes into force in in England in Autumn 2014.'

Audio Books

Whilst having their lunch, in between lessons, the kiddies still continue to learn. They love listening to audio books so today we're trying out these from the kids section of the RSPB website. :)

Keeping DD3 entertained whilst teaching my older children

DD3 loves to join in by taking out her 'learning' in the morning as she sees her older siblings doing the same. Her books and crayons are all within reach so she is able to use as she pleases. I also leave out an activity I plan the day before which will keep her engaged for a while. These are some of this week's activities.

Working on her fine motor skills by pushing flower stems through a colander.

'Fine motor skill (or dexterity) is the coordination of small muscles, in movements—usually involving the synchronization of hands and fingers—with the eyes. The complex levels of manual dexterity that humans exhibit can be attributed to and demonstrated in tasks controlled by the nervous system.'

Simple weaving using ribbons strapped around one of her toy boxes. We have so much ribbon at the moment which is not really being used, so I thought it would make a nice weaving activity for DD3. It certainly kept her entertained whilst she threaded each piece up and over each ribbon.

Cutting up herbs and 'cooking'. We went to the local shop to purchase a few different herbs that she had seen in a herb book we have at home. She really loves to use the scissors but finds cutting paper slightly difficult, but cutting up these herbs seemed like an easy task for her and made her much more confident when holding the scissors correctly.

Today she watched 'Little Red Riding' on the BBC School Radio website. We use this site a lot for a range of different activities including Maths Challenges, Macbeth and more.
She watched the programs and had a go at the sequencing activity.

How do you keep the little ones busy whilst the older ones are studying?
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