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I home educate my children DD14, DS12, DS9, DS6 & DD4 in Yorkshire, UK. They have never been in the schooling system and Home Ed is just part of normal family life for us!

I wrote this guide a few years ago after many families began home educating and asking me many questions. I then set up this blog in January 2017 followed by my Instagram page theworldistheirclassroom

Not only do we blog our Home Ed Adventure but we also collaborate with brands and companies in order to bring you some great educational product reviews, discounts and giveaways! Here are some of our favourite collaborations:- 

Beaker Creatures by Learning Resources
Oxford University Press
Denkit Co
Botley the Coding Robot by Learning Resources 
Arty Mouse
Science Book
Playfoam by Learning Resources
The Present Finder
Toucan Box
Studio Arabiya
Mysteries in Time
Mister Maker
Letterbox Lab
Little Brian

We are thrilled to be ambassadors of Willow & Wildbox - here is our latest review here (there&#…

The Great Extendable Colouring Books - Review

Like most families we have lots and lots of colouring books at home. We leave them out on the table for the little ones to use whilst their older siblings are studying, we take them along on picnics to colour out in the sun and they are great when's it's a rainy Sunday afternoon and all they want to do is lay in front of the fire colouring in. For the past couple of weeks the weather has become cooler and it looks like Autumn is slowly starting to creep in. The kiddies have been snuggling up on the sofa with their books so I thought it would be nice to try out these extendable colouring books to keep them entertained and perhaps work together to colour in.

These large colouring books are designed with fold out colouring scenes hidden within. They have large, simple writing for children to read and things to spot as they colour in each scene. Each extendable scene folds out to an impressive 690mm and can easily be pulled out along the perforated line if they wish. These were p…

Nature Book - Read, Make & Create - Review

Today DD4 is discovering the natural world around her by reading, making and creating with this lovely Nature Book written and illustrated by Clare Beaton and published by b small publishing!
This is the type of book that sits on a shelf in a book shop and instantly catches my eye. With its beautiful illustrations and use of colour I just couldn't help picking it up and flicking through. It's got that Autumn/Winter cosy feeling when it's a cold day outside and you just want to get crafting with the kiddies in front of the fire! 
This book is great for families to enjoy some creative nature crafts together. It is also packed with fun facts to read, wholesome recipes and activities to get children out and about exploring the world around them. They can choose activities such as making a raccoon mask to making star and snowflakes from twigs! It's packed with nature-inspired activities to motivate young children to get out and explore!

DD4 chose to read all about leaves t…

Woodland Explorer Cards - Review

This little pack of Woodland Cards from Inspiring Outdoors are great to take along on a woodland adventure. DD4 carries them along as we trek through the woods and we use them for some quick inspiration! 
They have some great ideas that can be easily carried out by children of all ages. 
The set consists of 30 cards! There are 28 cards with a high quality photograph on the front and instructions on the back. They also have icons which are explained on the 2 extra cards with information for grown ups. The icons indicate how the activity supports your child's development such as creativity, imagination, knowledge, active play & social/emotional well-being.  The activities range from making a journey stick or nature wristband to creating a woodland mobile or finding footprints. The activities also help to develop motor, collaboration, communication, language & other skills. 

Today we thought we would try out some leaf printing. We took a piece of cotton along with us and fou…

GeoSafari® Jr. Talking Globe™ - Review

Today I took out our Geosafari Jr. Talking Globe from Learning Resources and left it out on the kitchen table hoping it would promote some independent learning and encourage the younger kiddies to explore the world!

I turned on the interactive smart pen which instantly came to life with over 10 hours of audio featuring the voice of wildlife conservationist, Bindi Irwin. All the kiddies heard this unfamiliar voice and all trooped in. They were impressed with the large, colourful globe with its dual-swivel to give them 360 views and were intrigued by the way the pen spoke as soon as it touched the globe.

There is a volume function which was great which we set and could be clearly heard amongst this noisy lot as they all shouted for a go at holding the pen. It has over 1000 facts to listen to. We placed it on Hawaii to be told, 'Hawaii was formed by the lava from underneath volcanoes. The Hawaiian Islands are actually the tops of those volcanoes.'

DS6 wanted to see Antarctica whi…

Zoomy™ 2.0 Handheld Digital Microscope - Review

It's Friday! The kiddies' favourite day of the week! We are chilling out and taking a more autonomous approach to learning until next Monday morning! They think it's the start of a long weekend of 'no learning' but little do they know that they are always learning wherever they are and whatever they are doing!

Today we took out our Microscope, Zoomy, in order to Zoom in and analyse the structure of nature bits and bobs we discovered in the garden. We also took a closer look at chopped up fruit and vegetables, and we even took a trip down their lugholes! Hmm! Nice! That was DS9's bright idea! He's been set on using Zoomy to peer into everyone's ears and take a closer look at just who hasn't been keeping them clean! He was amazed at how much he could see! I wonder what he will think up next?!

I have been looking for a quality handheld digital microscope for a while now. So when I discovered Zoomy, from Learning Resources, I thought it would make the u…

Maze Quest History & Geography Books - Review

Today the kiddies have been exploring the world and travelling back in time with these stunning, bright Maze Quest activity books published by Carlton Books! Maze Quest, written by Anna Brett, are the perfect addition to our growing collection of activity books. During our History and Geography lessons the kiddies pull these fun little books out to complete the mazes. However, they are no ordinary maze books, they follow the adventures of George, the Geography teacher, and his faithful companion Milly, his little dog! Together they set out on a journey of a lifetime!

'Anna Brett is used to thinking upside down and back to front when it comes to creating exciting new material for children to enjoy - she's a Brit living down-under in Australia after all! A creative author and editor, her 10+ years of experience spans everything from curriculum-based reference, to popular culture and books with digital extras, pop-ups and stickers.' 

In Maze Quest: Geography, George and Milly …

The Big Book of 100 Outdoor Activities - review

I love planning and organising nature inspired activities for DD4! I often spend hours trawling through online images of activities I can prepare for her, but often thought to myself that it must be much easier having a book to refer to instead! The Big Book of 100 Outdoor Activities is just the thing I was looking for! It's a whole collection of activity ideas just waiting to be tried out by little nature enthusiasts.  It is bursting with simple and quick activities which are sure to develop DD4's interest in Nature whilst giving her plenty of learning opportunities from Arts & Crafts to Science experiments. With its beautiful, stylised photographs I can quickly choose a different activity each evening and leave it out on the kitchen table ready for her to explore the following morning, whilst her older siblings start their own studies, or allow her to choose her own as most require very little preparation. 

This book is written by the award-winning bloggers, Laura and T…

Adventures with our Willow & Wildbox Den Building & Survival Kit - Review

We have everything we need for our outdoor adventure today as we take our classroom out into the garden. DS6 has his little bag ready, packed with den building and survival equipment from Willow & Wildbox. This kit is ideal for little adventurers to take on a day out exploring in the woods, park or even your own back garden! 
It has been pouring down for days, so as soon as the sun came out this morning, DS6 grabbed his pack and ran out into the garden. There has been a couple of light showers throughout the morning, but that didn't stop him from setting up his den with a little help from his big brothers!

So what does the Den Building & Survival Kit include? Here is a list of all the goodies:
MonocularTorchCompassWaterproof bag2 x TarpaulinsPara cordCollecting bag & collecting ideas sheetBooklet with how to tie knots & compass and map readingNature walk hunt cardWater bottle and mugCamouflage Face paintsTent pegsScissorsNote bookPencilHealthy snackMarshmallows (not…

Home Ed Q&A with Wild Wandering Tribe

Here is another blog post from our popular Home Ed Q&A series! Today I interview The Wild Wandering Tribe! So grab a cuppa and have a read!

When and why did you decide to Home Educate?
Home Education was never our first choice, in fact I'll be honest and say that I was totally ignorant about it. I was working as a teacher part time, so I just blindly sent the girls off to school, as society expects. It broke my heart and the girls being at school just never sat right with me. Ava, our oldest daughter, really struggled with school from the get go. She slowly grew to hate school. She withdrew into herself, and became a shadow of the bright, bubbly, vivacious girl we knew her to be. At home she would lash out at her sister and became a very angry child. At the lowest point she was being sick every day and complaining about headaches. As a parent enough was enough. After a visit to the GP our daughter was diagnosed with school based anxiety. We were told it was extremely common as …