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I home educate my children DD15, DS12, DS9, DS7 & DD4 in Yorkshire, UK. They have never been in the schooling system and Home Ed is just part of normal family life for us!

I wrote this guide a few years ago after many families began home educating and asking me many questions. I then set up this blog in January 2017 followed by my Instagram page theworldistheirclassroom

Not only do we blog our Home Ed Adventure but we also collaborate with brands and companies in order to bring you some great educational product reviews, discounts and giveaways! Here are some of our favourite collaborations:- 

Beaker Creatures by Learning Resources
Oxford University Press
Denkit Co
Botley the Coding Robot by Learning Resources 
Arty Mouse
Science Book
Playfoam by Learning Resources
The Present Finder
Toucan Box
Studio Arabiya
Mysteries in Time
Mister Maker
Letterbox Lab
Little Brian

We are thrilled to be ambassadors of Willow & Wildbox - here is our latest review here (there&#…

Lonely Planet Kids Sticker World activity books - review

This week we have been reviewing these colourful Sticker World activity books with over 500 stickers from Lonely Planet Kids. They are printed on high quality FSC paper and are full of inviting activities for little budding artists and all those who just love stickers! 
DD4 couldn't wait to start designing and doodling away. She enjoyed adding windows and wheels to planes, drawing her own currency and naming her own airport. Sticker World Airport would be the perfect sticker book to take along when travelling to keep the kiddies entertained as they sit around in the airport and on board the plane. With some sticker books I have found that either the stickers are too hard for little fingers to peel out, resulting in stickers that are torn in half or the stickers don't stick properly into the book, but these have been super!! DD4 peeled out the stickers with ease ready to add to each page and they stick perfectly. She can even re-peel if she decides to move her sticker to anoth…

Yeadon Tarn

Yeadon Tarn is just a 15 minute drive from us, so we set off nice and early to enjoy a walk around the tarn. The Tarn attracts lots of swans, ducks, geese and herons, but remember please don't feed them bread (it's bad for ducks!), why not take along chopped grapes, lettuce or seeds instead!

The park is free and is open to the public 365 days a year. It is extremely popular with people of all ages. 
Younger visitors can enjoy the playground and BMX track whilst other visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll around the tarn or a relaxing game of bowls. We walked around the Tarn and sat at the picnic area to eat whilst watching the planes setting off as the park is also an excellent location to get great views of the planes taking off and landing at Leeds and Bradford Airport which the boys really enjoyed. Check out our video clip here

As well as wildlife to spot there is also a Wildflower meadow with this handy spotter sign to find out more info!

For the more active visitor to t…

Save money this Half Term with Kids Pass!


Are you struggling for ideas for days out this February half term that will keep the whole family happy as well as your bank balance? For just £1 you can sign up for a trial Kids Pass membership and gain instant access to 1000’s of family friendly offers on the Kids Pass app!

This really is the best £1 you’ll spend this half term, as you could potentially save over £90** in just a week…

* Planning a trip to the cinema? You’d save on average £10.34 on your cinema tickets

*Fancy a meal out? You can cut £15.90 off your food bill

*Taking your tot for a sensory day at the aquarium? Average savings of £24.00 on aquarium tickets for the whole family

*Off to see furry friends at the zoo? You can save your family £40.00 on zoo tickets

**based on family of four (2 adults, 2 children)

How does it work?

You pay £1 for a 30 day trial membership, after this you can cancel or continue your subscription for £3.99 per month. For these 30 d…

Why whittle? The benefits of introducing children to Forest Crafts - Guest Post by Richard Irvine

This year we will be 'whittling in the woodland' as part of the kiddies' Nature Studies, completing projects from this amazing new book, Forest Craft by Richard Irvine. It's packed with some great projects from making little pots and mini furniture to a skulk of foxes, there's lots to keep the kiddies busy throughout the year.
If you'd like to purchase a copy of this wonderful new book, Forest Craft, published by GMC Publications at£14.99, it's available here from The GMC Group. I will be sharing a 'sneak peek' video of inside the book over on Instagram here this week, so keep a lookout! 
We're so excited to get started that we decided to invite Richard onto our blog! So grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy today's guest post all about whittling, Richard also shares some great advice on introducing hand tools to young children! 

It is not so long ago since many children had their own pocket knife and knew how to make toys and useful items from t…

Brilliant Brainz - The Magazine that gets those brain cells buzzing!

'A monthly magazine for 6-12 year olds where education and creativity come together.' Brilliant Brainz

Brilliant Brainz is a monthly print magazine for 6 to 12 year olds. It is creative, colourful, inspiring and educational with lots of suggestions for activities to do at home.
With the current emphasis on literacy and numeracy in primary schools, less time can be given to subjects like music, art, cookery, nutrition, sport and health and the sciences. Yet these subjects can help a child develop their creative thinking skills, bring huge benefits to their learning abilities and provide a broad and well-rounded education. They are marginalised at a cost.
Brilliant Brainz focuses on these subjects using stories and activities. It encourages creative thinking throughout and specifically with a philosophy page.
It also has book reviews (some written by the kids themselves), entertainment news and a section on new apps and technology – along with special features, quizzes, puzzles and …

Creativity in Children - Guest Post written by Sheena Hussain

Sheena Hussain is a local poet from Bradford who runs her own bespoke poetry business, Poetry by Sheena Poetry by Name, today she's sharing her top tips and advice on how to go about choosing the right club for your child and contact details for school clubs which Home Educating families can get involved in!

Recently, I was honoured to have been selected for a unique opportunity to come and work with children at a primary school in Bradford, to lead an after school pottery club.

As parents, no doubt you will be overwhelmed of how many activities schools run for children these days; in my days you were lucky to have one club, and that often came to an abrupt halt because there was no one to see it through.  But the range and volume of activities, classes and clubs that are available and taught by many skilled individuals is something that you should give serious consideration to.

Here are my top tips and advice of how to go about choosing the right club for your child:

· As a parent…

Home Ed Q&A with Rosie!

This week I met a lovely Home Ed family over on Instagram here and decided to invite them to take part in one of my Home Ed Q&A sessions to find out all about their HE Adventure so far! 
Hi, I’m Rosie and I live in Aberdeenshire with my husband and 4 children who are aged 12, 10, 9 and 7.  I am a former Primary School Teacher, although I am now a KonMari Certified Consultant and APDO registered Professional Organiser.  I Home Educate all of the children and my older two both have Aspergers.  We have 11 horses, 5 dogs, a cat, 11 chickens and 6 ducks.

When and why did you decide to Home Educate?

We were moving back to England from Australia due to my husband’s job and we knew that there would be two moves within England and then possibly a third move to somewhere else.  Due to the different cut off dates in Australia and the way the school years run, my older two children were both about 18 months “behind” where they would have been in the English system.  So rather than subject them…

BAFTA Young Game Designers competition!

'Young Game Designers is an initiative by BAFTA that inspires and supports young people to create, develop and present their new game idea to the world.' 
Are you thinking about making games when you leave school? Do you have a great game idea you want to share? Then BAFTA's Young Game Designers is for you!  Enter our competition today for a chance to win a BAFTA YGD Award, along with once-in-a-lifetime experiences with top game makers + industry professionals. If you’re 10-18 years old, BAFTA’s Young Game Designers opens a world of creative opportunities and supports you on your journey into making great games. Check out the website here with info on how to enter!

Today DS12 was invited to the BAFTA Young Game Designers Concept Workshop at The National Science and Media Museum, which provided a valuable insight into the world of game-making plus he had chance to meet game developers from the UK games industry. The workshop helped him develop and shape his initial game idea …

Grizzly Boy by Barbara Davis-Pyles - Book Review by DS7

'One morning Theo decides he is no longer human. But being a grizzly boy isn't easy if you still have to go to school! I'm a Grizzly! I'm Wild and Free!' 

Cats, koalas, Kings and Queens my kiddies have always enjoyed roleplaying and pretending to be someone or something else for the day. This book reminded me of their early years and how wild their imaginations can be. I suppose, being Home Educated, they have their chance to be 'wild and free' every day, without any school rules to follow! This delightful book will have kiddies asking for it to be read to them time and time again.

I asked DS7 what he thinks about 'Grizzly Boy'!

Who are the main characters and what are they like?

This book is about a little boy called Theo who doesn't want to be a just a boy anymore, he wants to be a grizzly boy who doesn't wear clothes, not even his pants!

What happens in the story?

As soon as he wakes up he practices his growls and roars, but when he wants to…

Willow & Wild Box Siblings Box - Review

Willow & Wild Box have created a brand new special siblings box for sharing!

This new box has 2 sets of craft materials and larger packets of seeds with some of the contents which can be shared for instance, laminated cards, booklet, paint brushes & glue sticks.

The Willow & Wild Box month by month subscription ensures that you have a box delivered through your letterbox every month, personalised with both children's names.

DS7 and DD4 have enjoyed receiving their Willow & Wild Box each month for the past year, now they are trying the siblings box. Packed with lots of creative fun, inspired by nature, these boxes make teaching the children about the world around them almost effortless. It always comes with everything you need in the box and lots of extra ideas to develop their learning further.

This month they have been:
Growing Willow from sticks Sowing Sweet Peas Making a dragonfly and stick worm Making a telescope Drawing constellations Learning about our Solar System…